Manufacturer of Custom Gaskets Expert Gasket & Seal Highlights the Factors to Consider When Selecting Sealing Products

Selecting seals is a critical activity for plant operators. They need to choose a sealing solution that will ensure optimal productivity within their applications. Each sealing product selected must be designed to fit seamlessly within their operations. But few managers have the time to complete the comprehensive research required to ensure the right choice. In this latest article, the team at custom gaskets manufacturer Expert Gasket & Seal highlight the important factors to consider when selecting sealing products.
The operating temperature of an application is an important factor to consider when selecting a gasket material. It’s critical that the gasket material chosen is designed to withstand both the operating temperature and the environmental temperatures encountered in the application. For example, Silicone-based gaskets withstand operating temperatures between -140F and 480F, and remain flexible within that range.

Chemical Resistance

Understanding chemical resistance is paramount for selecting the proper gasket material.  Rubber materials cover a wide range of media compatibility, but selecting the correct compound for an application must be done in conjunction with the operating temperature, system pressure or vacuum, and other related factors.  Some rubber compounds, such as Viton®, will resist strong acids while functioning in temperatures to 450F.

Pressure Levels

Pressure and vacuum levels within the application are also of vital importance when considering material options. The design of the hardware as related to pressure or vacuum should be evaluated when choosing a gasket material.  Sudden changes in system pressure or vacuum can affect a seal, and companies must ensure they work with their custom gaskets manufacturer to select a durable sealing material designed to withstand these constant changes.

Comprehensive Testing

The testing process is of the utmost importance when determining the best gasket product for a specific application. Wise companies should thoroughly test and evaluate gasket materials within the environmental conditions present in their facility. They must then document the results carefully to ensure that each product’s qualities are understood and considered. Testing within their facility will allow the company to ensure that the product performs optimally once it has been installed. This commitment to testing can also help reduce safety concerns and highlight any potential integration challenges that might not have been fully understood when reviewing the materials.

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