Mechanical Seal Products from Expert Gasket & Seal are built for Engineering Excellence

As manufacturing companies enhance their infrastructure to meet higher levels of demand, they must integrate new sealing systems that will allow them to continue to enhance productivity. Only the highest quality mechanical seals can be specially customized to meet these specific application requirements.  Organizations around the world now depend upon sealing experts such as Expert Gasket & Seal, to provide them with customized mechanical seal products that will allow them to continuously improve performance.

Expert Gasket & Seal is a company with over 50 years of first hand sealing knowledge. The firm’s team has been one of the seal industry’s leading problem solvers for many years.  Their work is being used successfully at a broad range of production facilities across the United States.  Expert Gasket & Seal currently has mechanical seal systems running in chemical, waste water, and food service applications .   These varied environments require different solutions to their sealing problems that prevent product loss and maintain worker safety.  The mechanical seal systems offered by the team at Expert Gasket & Seal can help respond to any sealing challenge involving rotating equipment, piping, and other infrastructure.

For those organizations with complex sealing demands, the Expert Gasket & Seal team will visit the company’s facility to analyze their requirements.  They will help the customer resolve their mechanical seal needs cost-effectively, and ensure a streamlined transition for the plant in terms of integration.  Their skill and attention, along with that of their factory specialists, is how the company has achieved continued success as a sealing leader.

In addition to their customized solutions, Expert Gasket & Seal offers a broad range of brand name mechanical seal products from companies such as Advanced Sealing International and Apex Sealing.  Expert Gasket & Seal provides all of ASI’s state of the art cartridge seals, including models 585, 590, 600, 730, and others. The company also provides Apex Sealing component seals, such as Type 1, Type 21, Type 9-T, Type 8, and Welded Metal Bellows seals.

Expert Gasket & Seal is also known as one of the leading suppliers of gaskets for a variety of services, including food equipment (FDA approved gaskets), pharmaceutical, chemical, water treatment, and others.

To learn more about the full range of mechanical seals available through Expert Gasket & Seal, contact one of their experts about your unique company requirements.  Qualified service professionals are now only a phone call away.