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  • Gasket and Seal articles brought to you by Expert Gasket & Seal company of Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Gasket Thickness Technical Tip from Expert Gasket. Learn more about ideal gasket thickness.

  • Many rubber materials claim to be Viton®, but are generic fluoroelastomers, or blends of other compounds with some Viton®. Find out more......

  • Durlon 9000 will seal better than Virgin Teflon® (PTFE) in typical flange gasket service. This is due to its construction combining inorganic fillers with pure PTFE resins.

  • Got a question about Spiral Wound Gaskets Color Codes? This tip helps you understand what the colors mean. Read more......

  • Rubber hardness is expressed on the Shore A scale, and is measured with a durometer. The number may be specified as “60 Shore A”, or commonly as “60 durometer”. The number, itself, signifies the relative hardness within the A scale. Learn more.....

  • FDA rubber gaskets are fabricated from rubber sheet that is made from FDA approved ingredients. Learn more about FDA rubber gaskets.......

  • Expert Gasket & Seal provides EPDM Handhole and Manhole gaskets die-cut and molded in a variety of sizes. Talk to the gasket experts at Expert Gasket to find the right gasket for your boiler application.

  • Expert Gasket & Seal provides rubber gaskets for many types of service and applications. Here is a brief explanation of the most common rubber materials for gaskets and their intended usage.

  • Have an application for a sponge gasket, but not sure what foam gasket material will work best for your application? Read this gasket tech tip that describes the best sponge gasket material for your application.

  • There are many factors for each gasket application to consider before choosing a compressed gasket material. Some of those include system pressure, media, temperature range, flange material and condition, flange design, and bolting. Learn what is the right material for your application.

  • Durlon filled PTFE materials are not constructed like typical skived PTFE. Because of their unique construction, Durlon PTFE does not wick or cause flange corrosion, maintains a tighter seal, and have a higher bolt torque retention than other filled or conventional PTFE gasket materials.

  • There are several rubber gasket compounds for use in high temperature applications. There are many things to evaluate before selecting the proper high temperature gasket material. Learn how to choose the right gasket compound for high temperature applications.

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