The Benefits Custom Gaskets Can Bring to Your Business

Within your sealing applications, custom gaskets are often required to achieve the level of precision needs for optimal safety and productivity. Our team at Expert Gasket & Seal has decades of experience in this area of the marketplace, and in this latest post, we’re highlighting the benefits that custom gaskets can bring to your business.

Testing different materials

A leading reason why companies are now harnessing custom gaskets for their applications is the custom approach allows them to test various gasket materials and geometries to determine the best outcome. They can select custom gaskets that are designed from a variety of materials and sizes ready for testing. The test results will indicate the ideal material and geometry for the project, allowing them to conserve costs and improve productivity over time.

Saving money

One of the clear benefits of custom gaskets is that they can save you money. A custom solution is less costly in the long run because the entire product has been designed specifically for the intended application. Using other, uniform gaskets, companies continually must make adjustments to ensure optimal performance. Custom gaskets can help mitigate this issue and ensure your company’s performance needs are met.

Built to specification

When gaskets are not manufactured to specification, the company can encounter several issues within the sealing process. For example, the gasket might not properly fit and cause leaks within the equipment. It might also not be completely compatible with the media in the application, potentially causing significant damage and an ongoing safety concern. Custom gaskets can be built to take all elements into consideration, including pressure, temperature range, and media compatibiltiy, helping safeguard your teams and assure the ideal return for your investment.

Expert Gasket & Seal

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