What You Need to Consider When Ordering Custom Gaskets

There are innumerable reasons a company might turn to a custom gasket manufacturer.  From solving a tricky problem when engineering a new product, to keeping a can’t-fail piece of machinery running after its own OEM has gone out of business, custom gaskets are a solution to many problems.  Better yet, modern production methods allow for quick and inexpensive production of custom gaskets, or even rapid prototyping.

However, to get the best results from your custom gaskets, you should go to your custom gasket manufacturer armed with information.  The more the manufacturer knows about your needs, the better they will be able to produce the best possible gaskets for the application.

These are the most critical factors to discuss before ordering.

Four Critical Pieces of Information When Ordering Custom Gaskets

1. The basic size and shape

This is obvious, but still worth mentioning.  If you have the capability, a provided .dxf CAD file will allow easy and accurate production of your part.  This is a simple and reliable way to be certain the gasket will fit its application.

2. The purpose of the gasket, within context

What will the piece of equipment do, and which part(s) of the process will be affected by the gaskets being produced?  A custom gasket manufacturer needs to know how the gasket will be used, so they can be certain to make a piece that fits all of your needs.

3. Heat and pressure tolerances

There are numerous materials a custom gasket can be made from, and the selection of material is usually a matter of tolerances.  What is the temperature range and system pressure (or vacuum) under which the gasket is to seal?  This will impact what materials might be utilized.

4. Chemical and environmental contact

Along with temperature and pressure, the other major thing the custom gasket manufacturer needs to know is the chemicals / media to which the gasket will be exposed. Will it come in contact with any chemicals, gases, fuels, or other media?  It’s critical to make sure the correct gasket material is selected for the sealing environment.

Trust Expert Gasket & Seal for Your Custom Gasket Crafting

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