What Industries Use Custom Gaskets?

With so many types of gaskets available for almost every type of machinery, you may wonder why any company would need a custom designed gasket. There is a whole world of commercial and industrial gaskets that are used in a wide range of equipment and machines.

Since a large amount of industrial equipment and machinery is proprietary and often custom designed, they may not be compatible with standard gasket sizes and are likely to require custom gaskets to match the needs of the complex machinery.

While a gasket is a part used in nearly all industries in some form, there are a few industries that tend to use custom gaskets more than others.

Industries that Use Custom Gaskets:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM): OEMs face a multitude of challenges designing equipment. From construction applications to marine applications, the equipment is often exposed to extreme environments requiring custom design and materials. Expert Gasket & Seal is the one-stop-shop for OEMs.
  • Food Production: Food production often requires specialty materials that conform to FDA requirements so that foods are not exposed to any potentially toxic chemicals or contaminants. We call these FDA Gaskets.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Similar to the food industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers adhere to strict quality control, along with full compliance with FDA requirements. More information can be found on our FDA Gaskets page.

  • Oil and Gas Industry: With the oil and gas industry dealing almost exclusively with fluids and gases, it’s only natural that they are a heavy user of gasket products. Gaskets used in the oil and gas industry often need to be capable of withstanding extreme pressures and exposure to corrosive substances.
  • Auto Manufacturing: Auto manufacturing features a wide range of machinery used for many different purposes along the manufacturing process. Plant machinery often requires more unique custom designed products.
  • Power Generation: Power plants come in a wide range of varieties, most of which involve fluids and turbines. The result is that gaskets are needed for the critical power generation equipment as well as many other parts within the power generation facility.
  • Paper Processing: Paper processing involves of the use of water and chemicals, requiring the use of pumps. This means that custom designed gaskets are an important part of keeping the plant running smoothly.
  • Wastewater Treatment: As one would expect when dealing with water, gaskets are needed to seal the many pumps that are used to move wastewater from one area to another. Much of this requires custom-designed gaskets.
  • Chemical Processing: Like the oil and gas industry, chemical processing requires management of potentially toxic and corrosive chemicals. As a result, gaskets are needed that can withstand exposure to a wide range of chemicals.

Overall, Gaskets Are Used Everywhere

Gaskets are used in some way in just about every industry. While not all industries need to have custom gaskets produced for them, they always have the option to go the custom route if it suits the job better.

Expert Gasket & Seal can customize a gasket for your industry and application. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and service.