What is Flashcutting, and how does it help to provide rapid prototypes?

Flashcutting is a technology that allows Expert Gasket to prototype and cut custom designed gaskets and rubber parts within a short time frame. Flash cutting is newer technology that skips the hassle of using tooling and dies, which can take days to weeks to complete.

Expert Gasket & Seal’s die-less Flashcut gasket fabrication utilizes a computer-controlled, high-speed knife cutting system that produces precise, close tolerance parts on non-metallic materials without the need for tooling. Because the machine is computer controlled and does not require custom tooling, this allows for very quick production of prototypes.

What are the Benefits of Flashcutting?

  • Flash cutting requires no tooling to fabricate parts.
  • Prototypes can be created from ready-to-produce .dxf CAD files or scanned to model an existing product into a .dxf file.
  • If changes need to be made, dimensions can be rapidly modified for prototyping from multiple thicknesses and materials.
  • Flashcutting is effective for both short run and long run manufacturing with the system we use.
  • Flashcut manufacturing and prototyping uses less material deflection for rubber and soft materials, resulting in more precise products and tighter tolerances.
  • The Flashcut computer also nests parts much more effectively, which increases material yield and reduces part cost more than manual die cutting.=

The end result is a fast turnaround, nimble prototyping process with the ability to make changes that would not be feasible with the standard tool and die manufacturing process.

For gasket and rubber product production, this means Expert Gasket can provide more precise products to our partners and clients and do it quickly to prevent downtime and bottlenecks.

Materials Used In Flashcut Manufacturing

Our Flashcut machine works with a wide range of materials. The primary constraint is that Flashcut production does not work to cut metals. Some of the materials we cut from include:

  • Rubber
  • PTFE
  • Sponge
  • And many other non-asbestos materials used in gaskets and seals

Prototype Gaskets From Product Samples

Along with our Flashcutting technology, we utilize a high-tech scanning tool that allows us to make scans of current products and build computerized models from those scans. This allows us to replicate existing parts for customers who do not have a CAD file, tooling or drawing.

To learn more about how our Flashcut technology can produce precision parts for your organization, contact Expert Gasket today at (330) 468-0066!