When Are Custom Rubber Gaskets the Right Choice for Your Project?

In general, partnering with a custom gasket manufacturer is a great idea, whether you’re developing new products or trying to keep older machinery running.  Custom gaskets can be quickly and affordably manufactured while giving you far more options in material and design than you get from off-the-shelf gaskets.

Rubber is one of the most popular types of gasket material, and custom rubber gaskets can fill a wide variety of roles. But are custom rubber gaskets right for your own application?  Let’s take a look at some of their advantages.

Know the Benefits of Custom Rubber Gaskets

  • Physical benefits

Rubber is a great choice when the application requires a seal with memory.  Unlike cork and other compressible materials, rubber’s natural memory allows it to seal effectively in situations when there are not optimal flange  and hardware conditions.

Plus, of course, rubber is extremely flexible and doesn’t deform easily, making it a good option for moving parts.

  • Rubber can be soft or hard

Another benefit to custom rubber gaskets is that you have a lot of options in the ‘grade’ or hardness of the rubber.  Most rubber gasket materials are available in hardnesses from 40 Shore A to 90 Shore A giving you a number of options for both durability and deformability.

Rubber is available in a variety of compounds 

Rubber compounds cover a wide range of capabilities.  EPDM rubber is excellent for steam and hot water applications. Viton® rubber can withstand strong acids and perform at temperatures to 450°F.  Silicone rubber remains flexible at low temperatures and seals hot air well up to 500°F.  Common rubber materials such as Nitrile and Neoprene are recommended for a variety of water and petroleum based fluid applications.

Expert Gasket & Seal Can Design the Custom Rubber Gaskets You Need

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