Four Big Benefits of Custom Die-Cut Gaskets

Custom die-cut gaskets can be a great investment, and it’s a good idea to partner with a qualified manufacturer.  Working with custom gaskets frees you from having to make “best fit” compromises to work with off-the-shelf components.  They’re also less expensive than you might expect from custom work!

There are plenty of reasons, and plenty of situations, that call for custom die-cut gaskets. Here are just a few…

Reasons to Choose Custom Die-Cut Gaskets

1. Custom cutting fits your needs

When you’re designing products, you should be designing them for the best possible functionality, rather than making compromises.  Ordering custom gaskets means they can be any size or shape you require.  Your design can be optimized, and you’ll still be able to get the best gaskets for the job.

2. A wide selection of materials

The performance of a gasket depends a lot on the material from which it’s made, and that’s determined by the operating conditions.  Factors such as temperature, pressure, range of movement, and local environment or atmosphere will all affect how long a gasket lasts.

Custom die-cut gasket manufacturers have a wide range of materials at their disposal, ranging from common rubbers to specialized materials such as Durlon 9000, Viton®, and PTFE  designed for difficult environments. Gasket experts can work with you to find the best material for your needs.

3. Replace old parts for cheap

Custom die-cut gaskets aren’t only for manufacturing new products – they’re also a great option for maintaining your current machinery.  If you have a custom machine with expensive OEM parts – or if the manufacturer has gone out of business – a custom gasket shop can provide you with 1:1 replacements at a low cost.  You can even stock up on spares, to prevent any unnecessary downtime.

4. Adhere to regulatory standards

Are you working in fields that require a better grade of machinery, such as maintaining sterile conditions when working with food or pharmaceuticals?  You definitely want custom die-cut gaskets in this situation.  Gasket experts can help you select materials and designs which will adhere to all relevant regulatory standards, keeping your operation within the law – and keeping your customers safe.

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