When Is It Time to Consider Custom Die Cut Gaskets?

“Why get custom die cut gaskets when there are plenty of off-the-shelf options?”  It’s a question we hear quite often, and in our experience, there are numerous situations where custom gasket manufacturing simply makes sense – even when there are off-the-shelf alternatives out there.

If you haven’t considered going to a custom fabricator for your custom gaskets, here are some situations outlined by our Expert Gasket & Seal team where it can save you time, money, or both!

5 Times When Custom Die Cut Gaskets Make Sense

1. When you want to stock up for less.

Are you expecting to place a big order, or looking to stockpile parts against some future need?  Having a company simply run off a big order all at once is often the cheapest option – particularly if they’re local enough that shipping charges aren’t a major factor.

2. When official OEM parts are too expensive.

Custom gaskets aren’t always wholly original.  When a manufacturer is over-charging for their officially-branded replacement parts, simply having replacements manufactured to spec is an entirely viable option.  All you need is an example of the original part(s) and they can be easily recreated.

3. When your machine OEM is out of business.

This is a common scenario:  You have machinery -particularly custom machinery- in your production facility which is still working fine, but its original manufacturer can no longer supply replacement parts.  Rather than scouring the Internet for costly after-market parts, , just have replacements custom-made.

4. When you want to guarantee quality.

Anyone who manufactures products in America knows that there are always cheaper alternatives overseas.  However, cheaper is -of course- not always better.  When quality matters and your gaskets need to have a high build quality with tight QC, partnering with an experienced manufacturer is almost always the best choice.

5. When you want to try out multiple solutions.

What if you’re designing a product, and you aren’t sure what gasket design or material will be the best option?  That’s when partnering with a custom gasket manufacturer can be truly invaluable.  Prototyping services allow you to experiment with designs, speeding R&D while still keeping costs low.

Get Custom Die Cut Gaskets That Meet Your Needs

Expert Gasket & Seal has the experience and the machinery to make your custom gaskets, large or small, and in any amount.  Contact us today for a quote!