What Are the Requirements for Being a Quality Custom Gasket Manufacturer?

There are more options than ever in custom fabrication facilities, due to revolutions in manufacturing that have occurred in recent years.  With computer-aided cutting and 3D printing, among other things, there is certainly no shortage of shops calling themselves a custom gasket manufacturer.

At Expert Gasket & Seal, we know that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to trust them to solve your problems.  There’s more to gasket manufacturing than meets the eye, and we list a number of factors which separate an experienced custom gasket manufacturer for the rest.

Four Attributes of a Great Custom Gasket Manufacturer 

1. Multiple manufacturing types

One of the biggest signs of a newcomer to custom fabrication is that they only have a single manufacturing process.  They become like the proverbial man with a hammer, who sees everything as a nail.  The better custom manufacturers will have different methods of production, such as both die-cutting and die-less fabrication so there are more options in crafting the perfect product for each specific application.

2. Engineering expertise on-staff

Beware custom manufacturers who simply take your designs and make them happen, in a “what you see is what you get” fashion.  They might fulfill your request, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting the best product.  The better custom gasket shops will have problem-solvers on-staff who can look over your designs, consult with you, and refine your design to make it even better.

3. A wide variety of materials options

A gasket may need to accomplish more goals than simply sealing two sides of something together.  What temperature and pressure ranges need to be considered?  Does it need to be conductive, or non-conductive?  What chemical exposure will take place?  These needs can be met by choosing the proper material. A quality gasket manufacturer should have a variety of state of the art materials from which to choose to solve sealing problems.

4. Prototyping services

For expedited R&D, few things are better than a custom gasket manufacturer who can handle rapid prototyping.  This allows you to try out a variety of designs and materials in quick succession, further helping you refine your designs and pick the best possible gasket option.

Solve Your Gasket Challenges With Expert Gasket & Seal

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