Why Quality & Consistency Is So Important With Custom Gaskets

Quality rubber gaskets create leak tight seals using rubber’s natural memory to minimize the chance of unwanted leaks. They also need to have the correct compound chosen to resist extreme temperatures, pressure, and a variety of fluids and gases.  That’s why so many trust their custom gasket creation to Expert Gasket & Seal.

However, we wanted to let you know more about why we place such an emphasis on quality, so take a look below!

  • Saves on Time & Money: One of the top reasons that quality and consistency when creating custom gaskets is essential, is because it makes the process much quicker and reduces waste.  Expert Gasket & Seal can provide prototypes at low or no cost to properly evaluate your design and possible changes.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: In custom gasket design, precision is the penultimate goal. It needs to perfectly match the application for which it’s designed. This creates gaskets that are less likely to fail, and you can design your custom gaskets for optimal efficiency. You’ll find less need to replace properly designed gaskets.
  • Outstanding Quality: Having a gasket fail during operating hours can be a real nightmare. Thankfully, custom gaskets drastically reduce that scenario since they are properly spec’d and designed for your specific application.  Custom gaskets are designed with all of your exact needs and specifications, as well as your gasket performance expectations.  A professional and knowledgeable company will create custom gaskets of unmatched quality.
  • Flexible for Every Industry: Another great thing about working with custom gasket designers is they have experience designing gaskets for every type of industry you can imagine. For those needing gaskets that will withstand the extreme conditions of chemical processing plants or the specific materials and requirements of FDA applications,  custom gaskets are an absolute must.

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