5 Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Gasket Manufacturer

When you work with a custom gasket manufacturer, make sure that they’ll be capable of manufacturing precisely what is needed. That’s why the team from Expert Gasket works with all of our clients to assure we’re clear about their needs, expectations, and the type of performance required from their custom gaskets.

Here are some of the most important things to look for when choosing a custom gasket manufacturer.

1. Variety of Materials Offered

A reliable custom gasket manufacturer will have a variety of gasket materials from which to provide the correct product for your application. Such materials include Neoprene, Viton®, Durlon®, PTFE, and more.

2. Technical Experience

Choosing a gasket provider with extensive industry experience will assure that your custom gaskets will meet the specified requirements. Gasket manufacturers with a long history in the industry will know what works best for different and challenging sealing applications.

3. Safety Features

Any custom gasket manufacturer you work with should also adhere to the strictest safety precautions at every step of the way, from the design and development process to the manufacturing of the gaskets themselves. Make certain you work with a manufacturer familiar with all of today’s latest best practices that also strictly follows local laws and guidelines.

4. Customer Support

This is, perhaps, one of the most important characteristics of any gasket manufacturer. How they handle their relationships with clients is a direct reflection of the products that they produce. Choose a provider that offers support and prompt service for the best results.

5. Competitive Pricing

It’s no secret that running an industrial firm, water processing plant, or another type of enterprise-level industrial facility is a costly endeavor. That doesn’t mean they always require costly gaskets and seal products.  A knowledgable custom gasket manufacturer, like Expert Gasket & Seal, will recommend a cost-effective solution for your seal problem.

Let us be your custom gasket manufacturer!

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