With the Flashcut System, You Get Custom Rubber Gaskets Faster and Better

It’s no secret how Expert Gasket & Seal can create custom rubber gaskets so quickly and easily:  We Flashcut it.

Our Flashcut system is one of the cornerstones of our business. With it, we can produce custom rubber gaskets more quickly, at lower cost, and with higher levels of precision than any other gasket shop in the Midwest. When combined with the fifty years’ experience we have creating custom solutions for a vast number of businesses and industrial purposes, it’s a compelling offer for our customers.

What Is the Flashcut System?

The Flashcut system is a fully computer-operated cutting system featuring a modular, independently-moving head which can be outfitted with a wide variety of cutting tools. It runs off standard CAD files for perfect cutting every time. Tolerances meet or beat RMA Class 1, which means less than a millimeter’s variation in sizes depending on the chosen material.

The Flashcut machine also has several distinct advantages over traditional die-cutting. The most obvious advantage is how simple it is to reconfigure the system – there’s no need to tool new dies for each new design. Also, it delivers cuts which are straight, without the “hour glassing” common to die-cutting. So, there’s no need for additional rework or trimming to finish each custom rubber gasket.

This creates great opportunities for you and the parts you need:

  • You can submit your own CAD files, or have our experts’ custom-design solutions for you.
  • Rapid prototyping becomes simple. All it takes is a new CAD file, allowing for plenty of experiments.
  • You can try out many different materials. Flashcut accepts many types of rubber as well as softer or spongier materials, up to .500” in thickness.
  • The machine is fully capable of producing extremely large, industrial-scale gaskets and other parts which more traditional assembly line style setups couldn’t handle.
  • It’s the most cost-efficient option for situations where you need a small run of parts, because there’s so little setup and no tooling required.

Thanks to Flashcut, we’ve been able to greatly expand our range of services, while being able to offer rapid parts creation needed for companies trying to quickly introduce a new product.

Trust Expert Gasket & Seal with Your Next Custom Rubber Gaskets

Few shops offer the same level of expertise, high technology, and sheer experience as Expert Gasket & Seal.  Contact us today for a full consultation on your next project.