5 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Custom Rubber Gasket Manufacturer

There are plenty of manufacturers out there who can create custom rubber gaskets  for you – but which company should you trust to manufacturer these critical components?  Gaskets may be relatively simple, but poor gaskets can ruin an otherwise well-designed product or piece of machinery.  You need the best possible gaskets to ensure peak performance.

If you find yourself in a position of choosing between multiple vendors, these are the key points that can help you differentiate them.

Five Important Factors When Looking for Custom Rubber Gaskets

1. A Focus on Sealing Products 

For a lot of companies, gaskets and other sealing solutions are just a sideline.  As such, they aren’t going to have the sort of experience or focus needed to guarantee a top-quality product.  Your best results will come from a manufacturer who focuses heavily on gaskets and seals.

2. Experience 

Recent years have seen a huge boom in custom-manufacturing shops, thanks to new technology lowering the barrier to entry.  However, merely having a 3D printer or cutting system is only part of the story!  The best custom gasket shops will have decades of experience> in making them.

3. Working with CAD files

Computerized systems are a must in today’s manufacturing world.  Systems capable of taking CAD files and instantly realize them will greatly lower your costs, as well as speeding up production.

4. Prototyping Services

When you’re developing a product, there may be numerous options for gaskets and seals.  Your first choice may not be the best!  When the manufacturer of custom rubber gaskets has rapid prototyping capabilities, that allows you to try out several solutions to find the best solution.

5. Many Partners Providing Materials

Finally, consider material selection you’ll have to use in your design.  The most experienced supplier will have plenty of industry partners and sources for less-common materials so that you can pick the best material for your application.  They should also have material experts on-staff who can help you choose the correct materials.

Expert Gasket & Seal Makes Your Custom Rubber Gaskets Happen

We have years of experience in the industry, and a long track record of success providing the right gasket on time, thanks in part to our superior Flashcut computerized cutting system.  Contact us today to get a free estimate on your next gasket project.