Why Custom Rubber Gaskets Are Required in Some Cases

Why seek out the services of a custom gasket manufacturer when there are so many gaskets you can buy off the shelf?

It’s an understandable question, and one we often hear when people approach us about the possibility of buying custom rubber gaskets.  Why pay for custom work?  In fact, custom rubber gaskets can offer substantial value in a wide variety of circumstances – often much more than off the shelf alternatives.

These are just a few such cases where a custom gasket manufacturer really is the best option.

Four Situations Where Custom Rubber Gaskets Make Sense

1 – You’re designing a new product and don’t want to compromise it.

This is one of the most common scenarios we’ve seen:  A company’s engineers have put together a great design that meets all their needs, except for one problem: there aren’t any gaskets commonly available which are exactly what’s called for.  So, they’re faced with the possibility of compromising the design for the sake of making it fit standard parts.

Don’t compromise.  The market demands the best possible products.  Custom gaskets can make it work.

2 – You want more choice in materials.

Often, the material a gasket is made of is at least as impossible as the shape.  After all, there are dozens of types of rubber -natural and synthetic- which could be used, along with all the other potential gasket materials.  A custom gasket manufacturer can recommend the best choices for your application.

3 – You need rapid prototyping services.

Perhaps finding the best gasket isn’t as simple as matching on-paper chemical properties to usage cases.  In that situation, prototyping is the solution.  A good custom gasket manufacturer will have the facilities to crank out prototypes with a variety of materials, allowing you to quickly find the right solution through trial-and-error, and at affordable costs.

4 – You need custom parts for existing machinery.

Whenever a company orders a piece of custom machinery, there’s always the chance that the machinery’s manufacturer will go out of business.  What happens when you need replacement gaskets?  You contact a custom gasket manufacturer.  We can replicate practically any existing gasket and restore your custom machine to proper working order.

Trust the Experts in Custom Gaskets

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