Affordable Custom Die Cut Gaskets from Expert Gasket & Seal

There are many situations where ordering custom die cut gaskets makes sense – in fact, they are often a better choice than off-the-shelf gaskets!  Custom gaskets can be delivered in any size or shape, to fit any need.  They can allow for designs which off-the-shelf gaskets cannot accommodate, or help you maintain older hardware after original OEM parts become hard to find.

Expert Gasket & Seal can be your partner in delivering custom die cut gaskets which are of exceptional quality, while still being highly affordable and cost-effective.  There’s no magic to it, just a combination of skills and resources which we leverage to bring you a superior value.

How Expert Gasket & Seal Delivers Quality Custom Die Cut Gaskets at Reasonable Prices

1. On staff seal experts

We aren’t a “what you see is what you get” outfit, relying on you to solve your seal problem. We have decades of sealing experience and we love a challenge!  If you’ve got a tough problem that you can’t solve with off-the-shelf solutions, we’re happy to get to work on it and deliver a custom solution which perfectly fits your needs.

2. Extensive material resources

We have long standing partnerships with a qualified group of raw material manufacturers.  From traditional materials like rubber to custom-made synthetics, we have access to materials which can suit any operating environment – even extremes of heat, cold, or pressure.   Do you need to conform to FDA standards, or similarly tight regulations?  Not a problem!

3. Manufacturing capacity for both large and small runs 

Because our manufacturing is done in-house, it’s more effective and economical to fabricate gaskets using our own machines to meet your needs.  Whether you’re in need of a large commercial-sized run or a small run for specialty applications, we have the resources to make it happen quickly, efficiently, and economically.

4. Streamlined prototyping and design services

One of the centerpieces of our machinery is our Flashcut cutting system.  This state-of-the-art machine can carve gaskets directly out of sheet material, straight from a .dxf CAD file – and all in a matter of minutes.  This allows us to offer rapid prototyping and refinement, helping you find the perfect design for your needs without the need for tooling and overspending on R&D.

Expert Gasket & Seal is ready to partner with you on your next project!  Contact us directly to consult with the mechanical sealing experts.