Finding A Supplier of Custom Die Cut Gaskets Which Can Meet All Your Needs

Custom die cut gaskets can be an excellent purchase for a wide variety of companies.  Depending on the situation, they can help you solve tricky engineering problems in new products, or create replacement seals for machinery, or even provide a low-cost alternative to overpriced OEM parts.  There are a lot of reasons a company might invest in custom die cut gaskets, but they need to find the right supplier.

How do you know a manufacturer can provide all the gaskets you need, in a timely and cost-effective manner?  Here are a few tips.

Three Ways to Choose the Right Custom Gasket Company


– A large selection of materials

Simply put, the more materials they have available for creating your custom seals, the better.  Gaskets and seals can be made from a huge variety of materials, ranging from standard rubber or cork, to exotic synthetic polymers.  The more materials they have to choose from, the easier it will be for them to find a suitable fit that can meet all your temperature, pressure, usage, and chemical exposure requirements.

3 – Experienced people

Sure, there are shops out there who can blindly produce custom seals based on CAD files you provide, but a good custom gasket company will have experienced people on staff capable of providing quality advice.  They’ll know the materials they use inside and out and can often suggest alternative designs which will produce better results.

4 – Rapid prototyping options

When designing new products, it may not be initially clear which custom die cut gaskets will be the most appropriate solution.  That’s where rapid prototyping comes in.  The best shops can quickly produce die-less prototypes which allow you to quickly try out several different designs before settling on a final type to produce in bulk.

Choose Expert Gasket & Seal for Your Custom Die Cut Gaskets

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