How Custom Gaskets Can Be A Better Choice Than Off-The-Shelf Options

When it comes to designing a new piece of equipment, the product will often live or die on the strength of its gaskets and other seals.  Gaskets are absolutely vital to the performance of most equipment.  The right gaskets – chosen to suit the equipment and its operating environment – can greatly extend its lifespan, while the wrong gaskets can cause rapid unnecessary failures.

In many cases, partnering with a custom gasket manufacturer is the wise choice for finding the proper gaskets.  There may be off-the-shelf options, but for many applications, there won’t be a pre-existing gasket that precisely matches your needs.  That’s where custom gaskets come in.

How Custom Gaskets Can Improve Performance

1 – Choosing the right material

There are literally hundreds of materials that could potentially be used to create custom gaskets.  They range from commonplace materials such as rubber, cork, or composite fibers, to specialty materials such as Durlon 9000, Viton®, and Silicone.  Each material has different mechanical properties, chemical resistance, temperature ranges, and so forth.

There are many gasket materials that might work for your design, but choosing an optimal material will provide better performance, less maintenance, and a longer active lifespan.  A custom gasket manufacturer can work with you to deliver this optimal performance.

2 – Custom Shapes

Should the needs of your design be dictated by what’s on the market?  A new piece of hardware for the market, or a custom-designed machine, is going to have its own needs.  However, if there isn’t an off-the-shelf gasket that fits those needs, you may be looking at a redesign – unless you choose custom gaskets.  They allow for better designs, without compromises.

3 – Prototypes

Prototypes for testing a custom shape, material, and thickness can easily be evaluated when the gasket manufacturer has the right equipment to provide this valuable service.  Expert Gasket & Seal has, using its combination of Optical Scanner & Flashcut system to provide exacting prototypes without the need for tooling.  Providing Expert Gasket & Seal with a .dxf CAD file, or clean sample part, will assure you receive the correct prototypes for testing.

Expert Gasket & Seal Has Your Sealing Solutions

We have extensive experience creating custom gaskets, with a huge range of materials to choose from.  Our rapid prototyping services allow for rapid R&D as well.  Contact us to consult on your design!