Get to know why Expert Gasket is an Industry Leader for Custom Die Cut Gaskets

With over fifty years’ expertise on staff, Expert Gasket & Seal is one of the industry’s top choices for custom die cut gaskets and other custom-crafted sealing solutions.  We have the capacity to meet the demands of customers both large and small – which means we have a long history of highly satisfied clients behind us.

Read on to learn more about how Expert Gasket & Seal leads in the custom gaskets market.

Four Reasons Companies Choose Expert Gasket for Their Sealing Solutions

1. Everything is kept in-house

One of the biggest risks a company runs when hiring a contractor to create custom gaskets, or other products, is that the contractor will outsource the work.  This adds another variable to QC and oversight, increasing the chance of problems.  Expert Gasket keeps everything in-house, with both the expertise and machinery on-site to personally handle all your gasket needs.

2. Huge stock of materials to choose from

One portion to making a great gasket is selecting the right material for its intended use.  Thanks to our long industry experience, we have an extensive list of partners supplying us with a vast range of raw materials.  This means that when you come to us with a particular sealing problem, we can always find the right gasket material to solve it.

3. Affordable rapid prototyping services

Thanks to our die-less flash cut system, we can create custom gaskets in a matter of minutes straight from a .dxf CAD file.  Our computerized system simply cuts it from a sheet of raw material, and it’s ready for testing.  These prototyping services can save you plenty of money on R&D, allowing you to fine-tune your designs affordably.

4. Need other rubber parts?  Not a problem!

Because our industry connections are deep and qualified, we can go beyond custom die cut gaskets to deliver high-quality rubber parts in just about any configuration.  This allows us to deliver superior value for money, and we’ve become some companies’ one-stop-shop for rubber components as a result.

Leverage Our Expertise and Technology

We handle orders both big and small and have a team of specialistswho love being able to dig into complicated challenges.  For great custom gaskets, rubber parts, and other sealing solutions, contact us at 1-800-956-8766 today.