Know When Custom Rubber Gaskets Are the Best Solution to Your Problem

If your question is “Do I need custom rubber gaskets for this project?” you might be surprised at how often the answer is yes!  Custom rubber gaskets can be extremely cost-effective in a wide variety of circumstances, potentially even in cases where there are off-the-shelf options as well.  The right custom gasket manufacturer can be an excellent partner for your operations, offering improved solutions for the issues you face.

Here are just a few of the situations where custom gaskets would make a lot of sense.

Four Cases Where Ordering Custom Rubber Gaskets Is the Best Option

1 – Using off-the-shelf gaskets would compromise your design

While it’s true that there are thousands of gaskets that can be ordered off the shelf, the current boom in custom manufacturing means that’s not good enough.  In plenty of cases, a new product design calls for a gasket shape or size that simply doesn’t exist.

There’s no reason to change the design, just because it needs an unusual gasket type.  Custom rubber gaskets will be able to get the job done.

2 – Existing gaskets are rare\expensive

A custom gasket manufacturer doesn’t just make new designs.  They can also replicate pretty much anything on the market.  This can be a real boon in situations where other alternatives are expensive or hard-to-find.  In particular, this is an excellent way to “rescue” an older piece of hardware whose original manufacturer went out of business and spare parts have become scarce.  Don’t pay high market prices; just hire a custom gasket company to recreate the parts you need.

3 – You need prototyping services

Not sure what material would be best for your custom gaskets?  With dozens of material options, this is a frequent problem.  A quality gasket manufacturer will have Die-less cutting services and a Scanner that can cut gaskets out of sheet material based on a standard CAD file or your clean sample.  This can allow you to quickly -and affordably- create gaskets out of a number of different materials, to test them out before finalizing your design.

4 – Restock on spare parts

Are you creating a product where the gaskets will be a planned point of failure, and in need of fairly frequent replacement?  A custom gasket manufacturer can ensure you always have a supply of spare parts, no matter whether you want to stock up beforehand or order smaller batches as needed.  They can offer a reliability that many third-party off-the-shelf manufacturers can’t match.

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