What You Should Consider Before Ordering Custom Gaskets

For anyone involved in manufacturing, custom gaskets can be a real life-saver.  They can help solve problems with developing new products, supplement hard-to-find OEM components, or even be utilized for rapid prototyping of new ideas.  There are plenty of situations where custom gaskets are the most cost-effective solution to a problem.

However, thought and care still needs to happen when you order them.  A good custom gasket manufacturer will work with you to ensure your needs are met, but it’s still a good idea to do your homework before getting serious with salespeople.

Three Vital Factors to Consider When Ordering Custom Gaskets

1 – Pressure and temperature requirements

This is an important aspect of gasket specifications, something you must know beforehand to properly select the correct gasket material.  There are many varied materials which gaskets can be made from, with different performance thresholds.  Some are even specifically designed for high-pressure or extreme temperature situations and wouldn’t be necessary for more “everyday” usage.

Know your temperature and pressure needs, and your custom gasket manufacturer will be in a much better position to help.

2 – Physical environment and chemical exposure

The other major factor that goes into choosing the material a gasket is made from is the overall physical environment in which that gasket will be operating.  What chemicals will it be exposed to in regular usage?  Will it be sealing against liquids, gases, or both?  It’s vital that your custom gasket manufacturer know these things ahead of time, so they can pick a suitable material.

3 – Finding the right custom gasket manufacturer

There are a lot of businesses in this space, and not all of them are equal.  Some of the most important aspects to look for include:

  • Experience.  The longer the manufacturer has been in business, the better.
  • Material selection.  Again, the more the better.  This is what will allow them to serve the widest possible number of requests.
  • On-site assistance.  For best results, your manufacturer should have experts on-site who can work with you directly on your designs.
  • Prototyping services.  Computer-controlled die-less cutting platforms can create prototypes in a matter of minutes from CAD files or copy clean samples using a scanner.  This is invaluable for refining designs.

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