What Are the Requirements for A Custom Gasket Manufacturer to Create Custom Gaskets?

As a custom gasket manufacturer with a long history of success, we’re here to solve the sealing problems you face.  However, our ability to make the custom gaskets you need relies in large part on your ability to describe those needs.  The more information you give us, the better our engineers can find the perfect solution for the challenges ahead of you.

If you’re thinking about placing an order for custom gaskets or just want to talk about the possibilities custom gaskets have for your products, these are some of the pieces of information we need to know.

The Five Most Important Pieces of Information When Ordering Custom Gaskets

1 – Overall purpose.

What is your gasket actually going to accomplish?  Is it going to be sealing liquids or gases in your application?   Depending on its basic purpose, there are a lot of different choices in materials and construction.

2 – The materials it will be in contact with.

It is critical to know what materials will be contacting the gasket.  Material interactions can potentially compromise a gasket material if not properly selected.Knowing the exact materials involved is an absolute necessity.

3 – Other potential environmental interactions.

What other chemicals or cleaning agents might the gasket be contacting in addition to the media being sealed?  This too affects the choice of materials.

4 – Heat and pressure

Will the gasket be performing in unusually hot or cold environments?  What will its typical operating pressure be?  These are other factors which determines the best material for your custom gaskets.

5 – Size and Shape

Believe it or not, this is one of the least important issues when creating custom gaskets, unless you have truly unusual size requirements.  Our die-less cutting system can handle just about any shape or size based on a CAD file.  So, if your engineers know the necessary dimensions, we can make it happen with just about any non metallic sealing material.

Choose A Custom Gasket Manufacturer with Extensive Experience

We have a long history of great custom designs at Expert Gasket & Seal.  Whatever your needs, contact us for a full consultation and price estimate!