Why Expert Gasket & Seal is an Industry Leader for Custom Die Cut Gaskets

If your product design or existing machinery requires custom die cut gaskets or other custom sealing products, there are a lot of shops out there you could potentially choose. Why choose Expert Gasket & Seal to solve your engineering challenges?

Well, there are plenty of reasons.  Companies across the nation rely on us for their custom gaskets, and they keep coming back.  Here’s why.

Four Reasons Why Businesses Choose Expert Gasket & Seal for Custom Die Cut Gaskets

1 – Genuine experience

We have more than fifty years’ combined experience in crafting great sealing solutions for any situation.  We know our materials’ capabilities and interactions inside and out, allowing us to offer the valuable consultation your engineers need to produce reliable products.  You can’t get that sort of quality from newcomers to the custom gasket fabrication market.

2 – A huge range of available materials

Thanks to our history and extensive industry connections, we have an equally extensive list of partners offering every form of sealing material your project might require – even for esoteric or high-precision products required for difficult and challenging applications.  Our large material selection gives us the edge and allows us to properly keep serving our clients.

3 – Extensive prototyping capabilities

One of our most popular features is our ability to custom-cut gaskets from a wide range of materials, in a matter of minutes, with our FlashCut system.  Based on only a standard CAD .dxf file, and without any need for dies or tooling, we can create all the prototypes or test gaskets you need.  If you are searching for the right sealing solution, we can help you find it at extremely cost-effective prices.

4 – Nearly unlimited rubber products

When working with rubber, our capabilities are almost endless.  Beyond gaskets, we can create virtually any custom molded rubber part your design might call for.  Placing orders for both gaskets and other rubber parts from us can result in substantial cost savings!  In addition, having the same engineers working on them can help ensure quality in your final product design.

Get the High-Quality Custom Die Cut Gaskets You Need from Expert Gasket & Seal

Whether you only need a test run of prototypes, or you’re gearing up for a major rollout, Expert Gasket & Seal has the capacity and the expertise to see your order fulfilled properly and with an emphasis on quality control.  Contact us today to learn more.