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Durable, chemical resistant Durlon gaskets – made to order

As an authorized Durlon gasket fabricator and distributor with over fifty years combined  sealing experience, we’re proud to provide our clients with high-quality products on demand. Because we fabricate on-site, we provide Durlon gaskets in small and large quantities in short lead times.

Used in industries like power generation, water processing/purification, chemical processing, petroleum and refining, it’s vital that your Durlon gaskets are manufactured to the highest standards. Poorly manufactured products can be responsible for failures that result in costly downtime for your facility.

Our offering of Durlon gaskets includes:

Expert Gasket offers a full range of our Durlon gaskets. Some of our most popular products include:

  • Durlon 7900: This economical gasket material is ideal for moderate service in piping and related equipment.
  • Durlon 8400: A high-performance gasket of exceptional durability, this product is primarily used in high temperature environments.
  • Durlon 8700: This gasket material is combined with high-grade neoprene rubber, making it resistant to ozone, oils and non-aromatic solvents.
  • Durlon 9000 and 9000N: Produced from inorganic gasket materials, this product is ideal for clients whose industries demand a high resistance to aggressive chemicals.
  • Durlon 9400: A very flexible high-performance gasket with exceptional sealing ability, this gasket also has good electrical conducting properties.

When you want your facility to run reliably at its optimal output, it’s vital to ensure that you’re using high-quality Durlon gaskets from manufacturers that share your standards. Contact us at Expert Gasket & Seal, and we’ll deliver – every time!

Prevent health risks at your industrial facility with high quality gasket and sheet products

With additional stringent standards being placed on the chemical, oil and gas industries, it’s no surprise that high quality gasket and sheet products are increasingly in demand. Not only do these products help prevent leaks and spills that reduce output and increase downtime, but they also help make facilities safer for the people working in them.

High quality gaskets customized to your industry are pivotal to ensuring that your end product has remained uncontaminated throughout the manufacturing and refining process, giving your business a superior saleable product. Your employees, and the people who live in the vicinity of your facility, will also be reassured that they are safe from potential health hazards, as gaskets and sheet products from reputable manufacturers will significantly reduce the risk of accidental leakages that pose a safety risk or health hazard.

Thanks to the latest advances in technology, gasket manufacturers are able to fabricate gasket and sheet products that are ideally suited to your needs, making them more effective and more durable than ever before. Products for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry are created under FDA approved guidelines for safe and effective production.  Chemical, pulp and paper, and petroleum refining manufacturers have access to products that perform exceptionally in extreme temperatures, under higher pressures and provide safe sealing for a variety of fluids and gases.

These advances all contribute to doing business in a better, more profitable way – by reducing waste, producing higher quality finished products and operating in a manner that reduces workplace health risks and is environmentally safe. For large and small orders of custom produced gasket and sheet products for every industry, contact us at Expert Gasket & Seal today.

For the best selection of custom gaskets, come to Expert Gasket & Seal today

For custom gaskets and sheet products in the Cleveland, Ohio area, there’s no better place to go than Expert Gasket & Seal. We are proud suppliers of a comprehensive range of gaskets and sheet products. We also supply fabricated gaskets and uncut sheet if needed. Our gaskets and sheet goods are available in a variety of thicknesses, and due to our competitive pricing, we have products suitable for every budget. Our gasket specialists will be happy to help you find whatever type of custom gaskets you need.

What type of gasket and sheet products will you find at Expert Gasket & Seal?

  • Durlon 8500, 8600, 7900 compressed gaskets
  • eoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, and other rubber sheet
  • Silicone rubber sheet & silicone sponge
  • Durlon 9000, 9600, 9200W PTFE based gaskets
  • Viton® gaskets and sheet products
  • FDA compliant Nitrile, EPDM, PTFE, & Durlon gaskets

Our FDA gaskets, which are fabricated using FDA compliant materials, are used in an array of sectors including food equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical and food and beverage processing. At Expert Gasket & Seal our work doesn’t end after we’ve found the custom gaskets you need, we also provide technical assistance for all gaskets and sealing applications, storeroom surveys, as well as stocking programs for blanket orders.

If you’re unsure about the type of gasket you need, we recommend calling the professionals before making a purchase to avoid wasting time and money. We’re happy to help you identify the type of gaskets you need and provide them in a timely manner. All of our products are made using the highest quality materials and our affordable prices won’t break your budget.

For more information about custom gaskets from Expert Gasket & Seal, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Expert Gasket & Seal: Professional gasket manufacturers in Cleveland, Ohio

Whatever type of gasket you’re looking for, contact Expert Gasket & Seal – professional gasket manufacturers located in Cleveland, Ohio – and we’ll find exactly what you need. We are a leading fabricator of custom gaskets and standard gaskets, our products are made using only the highest quality materials, and our competitive pricing means you won’t go over budget.

What makes us the go-to gasket manufacturer?

  • We’re gasket experts and extremely knowledgeable regarding all different types of gaskets and related products.
  • Our products are made using only the highest quality materials and provide good value and durability.
  • Our turnaround time is quick and we offer stocking programs.
  • We distribute complimentary sealing products.

At Expert Gasket & Seal we don’t believe that our job ends once a sale has been made. If at any time you need technical assistance with your gaskets, have any questions or concerns, our team of experts is on call to provide assistance. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we pride ourselves in providing solutions to our customers’ problems – this sets us apart from many other gasket manufacturers!

In addition to gaskets we also have mechanical seals, braided packing, hydraulic seals, custom molded rubber parts, specialty Teflon® seals, and related sealing products. Whether you need a standard gasket or a customized one, we’re here to help.

For more information about gaskets and related products, please contact us today. Discover why Expert Gasket & Seal is the go-to gasket manufacturer. We look forward to hearing from you!

Come to Expert Gasket & Seal for die cut gaskets and much more

If you’re in search of die-cut gaskets, then you’ve come to the right place!  Expert Gasket & Seal, located in the Cleveland, Ohio area, is proud to be a supplier of high-quality, durable die cut gaskets used in a variety of industrial applications. We’re able to produce custom designed die cut non-metallic gaskets quickly and efficiently using our in-house die-cutting facility. We can produce high volumes of short run custom gaskets quickly and affordably

Need die cut gaskets? Here’s why you should come to us:

  • We have fifty years of combined experience and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to die cut gaskets and related sealing products.
  • We can produce a high volume of gaskets in a short amount of time because we have the in-house facilities to do so.
  • We specialize in creating custom die cut gaskets specifically for your application.
  • Our team of professionals are available to provide technical assistance, answer questions, and address your concerns. Our service doesn’t end once we make a sale.
  • Our inventory is located in-house, just like our equipment. This enables us to find or create what you need in a timely manner.
  • If you aren’t certain about which type of die cut gasket you need, we recommend consulting with professionals before making a purchase. This ensures you don’t waste your time or your money by buying the wrong type of gasket.

    Contact us for more information about die cut gaskets from Expert Gasket & Seal. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Achieve Seamless Sealing Precision with Mechanical Seals from Expert Gasket

    Today’s manufacturing plants depend on high performance, durable sealing solutions for their pumping processes. Firms are now reviewing the local area marketplace for sealing products that will help them reduce their expenditure and long term process downtime.  Mechanical seals are one of those products. To find the best available mechanical seals on the market, and to custom-fit those seals to their specific pump applications, companies are now turning to sealing specialists such as the team at Expert Gasket.

    Expert Gasket is one of the leading Cleveland, OH-based industrial sealing specialists. The company is known for their expertise with custom gasket fabrication, as well as their ability as application problem solvers. Clients often find that the company is also able to offer them the most cost-effective pricing available on the latest sealing solutions. This ensures that organizations consolidate their equipment expenditures as well as reduce the cost of their long-term maintenance through the use modern sealing technology. Within the firm’s selection of sealing products, companies will discover a full range of mechanical seals.

    Mechanical seals are proven products in the sealing industry, and are designed to offer high level performance in terms of preventing systems leakage, ensuring organizations improve their emissions performance and enhance productivity. In addition to working with clients on custom mechanical seals, the company also distributes the latest sealing technology from the industry’s foremost manufacturers. One such example is the Model 590 Dual Stationary Cartridge Mounted Seal from the team at Advanced Sealing International. The Model 590 is considered the ideal seal for the handling of liquids that are sensitive to contact with air and those that could have direct consequences on their surrounding environment. The mechanism controlling the closing force to the inbound seal face is completely automatic, thereby ensuring a consistently tight seal that is regulated by the pressure difference between the process and the barrier liquid used in the application. The product also features metal-encased inboard and outboard seal faces, to ensure that plant personnel are protected from seal face failure and systems leakage. With the ability to operate as a tandem seal, a double seal or a single seal, the Model 590 Dual Stationary Cartridge Mounted Seal is one of the most flexible sealing systems now available in the mechanical seal system marketplace.

    Expert Gasket has the personnel, the experience, and the resources to handle the most challenging of sealing problems. Contact Expert Gasket today to begin the sealing solution process.

    Customized Seals for Superior Application Performance from Expert Gasket & Seal

    As equipment and machinery becomes more specialized, precise and proper sealing products are required.  Proper material selection is imperative. Materials must be compatible with system fluids, have excellent wear characteristics, and provide long sealing life for the user. This level of precise sealing selection can only be achieved by working with a trusted specialist for customized seals, such as Expert Gasket& Seal.

    Expert Gasket & Seal is one of the leading fabricators of custom gaskets and standard pipe gaskets. The Cleveland, OH company is known for their ability to help clients resolve the most challenging of sealing problems and provide solutions that not only offer immediate resolution but lasting performance. Expert Gasket & Seal works with with a broad range of manufacturers producing state of the art sealing products and materials.  Their gasket experts provide fast, effective answers for difficult sealing applications.

    In addition to the company’s expertise in supplying OEM sealing products, Expert Gasket & Seal also works with clients to help improve the sealing systems within their plant operations. The many years of experience the company’s staff has ensures that clients have a broad array of resources to respond to their in-house sealing problems. Expert Gasket & Seal will, at the customer’s request, visit their plant and analyze the facility for potential performance flaws that can be resolved with the latest sealing products and designs.

    As an industry specialist, Expert Gasket & Seal provides the best performing products for their applications. One example offered within the company’s catalog are Durlon gasket materials. These unique products are designed for seamless integration within applications such as power generation, water purifying and chemical processing.  Durlon gaskets are known to be exceptionally durable and chemical resistant, thereby ensuring that companies achieve a high level return on investment for their sealing and piping systems. One example of Durlon gaskets available through Expert Gasket is Durlon 9000. Durlon 9000, a proprietary PTFE based material, provides excellent sealing performance over a broad range of chemicals. It’s a gasket material that is finding great acceptability throughout manufacturing, chemical, and power generation facilities in the US.

    Trusted for their exceptional industry expertise and their commitment to client satisfaction, Expert Gasket & Seal is ready to help your organization move forward with its sealing applications. To learn more, contact the company’s technical team today to discuss your needs.

    Mechanical Seal Products from Expert Gasket & Seal are built for Engineering Excellence

    As manufacturing companies enhance their infrastructure to meet higher levels of demand, they must integrate new sealing systems that will allow them to continue to enhance productivity. Only the highest quality mechanical seals can be specially customized to meet these specific application requirements.  Organizations around the world now depend upon sealing experts such as Expert Gasket & Seal, to provide them with customized mechanical seal products that will allow them to continuously improve performance.

    Expert Gasket & Seal is a company with over 50 years of first hand sealing knowledge. The firm’s team has been one of the seal industry’s leading problem solvers for many years.  Their work is being used successfully at a broad range of production facilities across the United States.  Expert Gasket & Seal currently has mechanical seal systems running in chemical, waste water, and food service applications .   These varied environments require different solutions to their sealing problems that prevent product loss and maintain worker safety.  The mechanical seal systems offered by the team at Expert Gasket & Seal can help respond to any sealing challenge involving rotating equipment, piping, and other infrastructure.

    For those organizations with complex sealing demands, the Expert Gasket & Seal team will visit the company’s facility to analyze their requirements.  They will help the customer resolve their mechanical seal needs cost-effectively, and ensure a streamlined transition for the plant in terms of integration.  Their skill and attention, along with that of their factory specialists, is how the company has achieved continued success as a sealing leader.

    In addition to their customized solutions, Expert Gasket & Seal offers a broad range of brand name mechanical seal products from companies such as Advanced Sealing International and Apex Sealing.  Expert Gasket & Seal provides all of ASI’s state of the art cartridge seals, including models 585, 590, 600, 730, and others. The company also provides Apex Sealing component seals, such as Type 1, Type 21, Type 9-T, Type 8, and Welded Metal Bellows seals.

    Expert Gasket & Seal is also known as one of the leading suppliers of gaskets for a variety of services, including food equipment (FDA approved gaskets), pharmaceutical, chemical, water treatment, and others.

    To learn more about the full range of mechanical seals available through Expert Gasket & Seal, contact one of their experts about your unique company requirements.  Qualified service professionals are now only a phone call away.

    Expert Gasket Now Presenting Full Range of Mechanical Seals

    Leading Cleveland, OH sealing component manufacturer, Expert Gasket has recently unveiled their full range of mechanical seals. The company’s mechanical seals selection includes cartridge seals, split seals, and component seals to meet a broad range of industrial application demands.

    In order to enhance their efficiency of their manufacturing operations and the output performance of their processes, many of today’s leading manufacturers are now utilizing mechanical seals.  Mechanical seals are now helping leading firms to lower the leakage rates within their systems. This improved leakage rate means a reduction in long-term maintenance demands. It’s an infrastructure addition that can help companies achieve cost savings over many years. But in order to source specifically designed mechanical seals for their operations, companies must work with qualified sealing specialists such as Expert Gasket.

    Expert Gasket’s broad selection of mechanical seals enables companies to capitalize on the inherent performance advantages of mechanical seals within their operations. The diverse product range and the expertise held by the firm’s staff means clients can depend on Expert Gasket to provide effective sealing solutions for their pumping operations. One example of the mechanical seals now available through Expert Gasket is their fully-split cartridge seals. These fully-split cartridge seals are ideal for an existing plant infrastructure as they ensure that shafts and housing don’t have to stripped down to gain access for installation. It’s a complete range of sealing solutions designed to help resolve unique infrastructural challenges.

    To learn more about Expert Gasket’s available mechanical seals, please contact them  directly.

    Expert Gasket & Seal Helps Manufacturers Achieve Zero Leakage Rates with Quality Mechanical Seal Products

    Cleveland, OH experts for a comprehensive range of sealing solutions, Expert Gasket & Seal are now empowering manufacturing efficiency with their high quality mechanical seals.  The company supplies  the best-performing mechanical seal products from today’s trusted manufacturers such as Advanced Sealing International.

    Modern North American manufacturing companies require dependable performance from their equipment if they are to ensure the safety of their personnel and maintain high level productivity within their operations.  A challenge many manufacturers face at some point in their growth is their current sealing systems are obsolete and do not properly function with the current level of demand in their production facility.  To respond to this challenge, organizations should turn to sealing experts such as the team at Expert Gasket & Seal.

    The current Expert Gasket & Seal product line is replete with many of the top-performing mechanical seal systems available on the marketplace.  Among the most proven products available is the style 600 cartridge seal from Advanced Sealing International.  The 600 high motion seal is ideal for larger equipment such as mixers and slurry pumps as it is uniquely designed to withstand the greater radial movement inherent in such applications.  The 600 model features larger springs, which are less prone to clogging than smaller systems and provide superior resistance to mechanical fatigue.  It’s the type of solution on which companies can depend when up-scaling their demand long into the future.

    To learn more on the full range of sealing systems now available through Expert Gasket & Seal, please contact one of our sealing experts today.