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What You Need to Consider When Ordering Custom Gaskets

There are innumerable reasons a company might turn to a custom gasket manufacturer.  From solving a tricky problem when engineering a new product, to keeping a can’t-fail piece of machinery running after its own OEM has gone out of business, custom gaskets are a solution to many problems.  Better yet, modern production methods allow for quick and inexpensive production of custom gaskets, or even rapid prototyping.

However, to get the best results from your custom gaskets, you should go to your custom gasket manufacturer armed with information.  The more the manufacturer knows about your needs, the better they will be able to produce the best possible gaskets for the application.

These are the most critical factors to discuss before ordering.

Four Critical Pieces of Information When Ordering Custom Gaskets

1. The basic size and shape

This is obvious, but still worth mentioning.  If you have the capability, a provided .dxf CAD file will allow easy and accurate production of your part.  This is a simple and reliable way to be certain the gasket will fit its application.

2. The purpose of the gasket, within context

What will the piece of equipment do, and which part(s) of the process will be affected by the gaskets being produced?  A custom gasket manufacturer needs to know how the gasket will be used, so they can be certain to make a piece that fits all of your needs.

3. Heat and pressure tolerances

There are numerous materials a custom gasket can be made from, and the selection of material is usually a matter of tolerances.  What is the temperature range and system pressure (or vacuum) under which the gasket is to seal?  This will impact what materials might be utilized.

4. Chemical and environmental contact

Along with temperature and pressure, the other major thing the custom gasket manufacturer needs to know is the chemicals / media to which the gasket will be exposed. Will it come in contact with any chemicals, gases, fuels, or other media?  It’s critical to make sure the correct gasket material is selected for the sealing environment.

Trust Expert Gasket & Seal for Your Custom Gasket Crafting

Whether you only need a single custom piece, or you’re looking to place a large custom order, Expert Gasket & Seal are your top choice for custom gaskets.  Contact us today for a consultation.

Finding A Supplier of Custom Die Cut Gaskets Which Can Meet All Your Needs

Custom die cut gaskets can be an excellent purchase for a wide variety of companies.  Depending on the situation, they can help you solve tricky engineering problems in new products, or create replacement seals for machinery, or even provide a low-cost alternative to overpriced OEM parts.  There are a lot of reasons a company might invest in custom die cut gaskets, but they need to find the right supplier.

How do you know a manufacturer can provide all the gaskets you need, in a timely and cost-effective manner?  Here are a few tips.

Three Ways to Choose the Right Custom Gasket Company


– A large selection of materials

Simply put, the more materials they have available for creating your custom seals, the better.  Gaskets and seals can be made from a huge variety of materials, ranging from standard rubber or cork, to exotic synthetic polymers.  The more materials they have to choose from, the easier it will be for them to find a suitable fit that can meet all your temperature, pressure, usage, and chemical exposure requirements.

3 – Experienced people

Sure, there are shops out there who can blindly produce custom seals based on CAD files you provide, but a good custom gasket company will have experienced people on staff capable of providing quality advice.  They’ll know the materials they use inside and out and can often suggest alternative designs which will produce better results.

4 – Rapid prototyping options

When designing new products, it may not be initially clear which custom die cut gaskets will be the most appropriate solution.  That’s where rapid prototyping comes in.  The best shops can quickly produce die-less prototypes which allow you to quickly try out several different designs before settling on a final type to produce in bulk.

Choose Expert Gasket & Seal for Your Custom Die Cut Gaskets

We have the expertise, the engineers, and the equipment to fulfill all your requirements.  Give us a call at 1-800-956-8766 today for a quote.

Affordable Custom Die Cut Gaskets from Expert Gasket & Seal

There are many situations where ordering custom die cut gaskets makes sense – in fact, they are often a better choice than off-the-shelf gaskets!  Custom gaskets can be delivered in any size or shape, to fit any need.  They can allow for designs which off-the-shelf gaskets cannot accommodate, or help you maintain older hardware after original OEM parts become hard to find.

Expert Gasket & Seal can be your partner in delivering custom die cut gaskets which are of exceptional quality, while still being highly affordable and cost-effective.  There’s no magic to it, just a combination of skills and resources which we leverage to bring you a superior value.

How Expert Gasket & Seal Delivers Quality Custom Die Cut Gaskets at Reasonable Prices

1. On staff seal experts

We aren’t a “what you see is what you get” outfit, relying on you to solve your seal problem. We have decades of sealing experience and we love a challenge!  If you’ve got a tough problem that you can’t solve with off-the-shelf solutions, we’re happy to get to work on it and deliver a custom solution which perfectly fits your needs.

2. Extensive material resources

We have long standing partnerships with a qualified group of raw material manufacturers.  From traditional materials like rubber to custom-made synthetics, we have access to materials which can suit any operating environment – even extremes of heat, cold, or pressure.   Do you need to conform to FDA standards, or similarly tight regulations?  Not a problem!

3. Manufacturing capacity for both large and small runs 

Because our manufacturing is done in-house, it’s more effective and economical to fabricate gaskets using our own machines to meet your needs.  Whether you’re in need of a large commercial-sized run or a small run for specialty applications, we have the resources to make it happen quickly, efficiently, and economically.

4. Streamlined prototyping and design services

One of the centerpieces of our machinery is our Flashcut cutting system.  This state-of-the-art machine can carve gaskets directly out of sheet material, straight from a .dxf CAD file – and all in a matter of minutes.  This allows us to offer rapid prototyping and refinement, helping you find the perfect design for your needs without the need for tooling and overspending on R&D.

Expert Gasket & Seal is ready to partner with you on your next project!  Contact us directly to consult with the mechanical sealing experts.

How Custom Gaskets Can Be A Better Choice Than Off-The-Shelf Options

When it comes to designing a new piece of equipment, the product will often live or die on the strength of its gaskets and other seals.  Gaskets are absolutely vital to the performance of most equipment.  The right gaskets – chosen to suit the equipment and its operating environment – can greatly extend its lifespan, while the wrong gaskets can cause rapid unnecessary failures.

In many cases, partnering with a custom gasket manufacturer is the wise choice for finding the proper gaskets.  There may be off-the-shelf options, but for many applications, there won’t be a pre-existing gasket that precisely matches your needs.  That’s where custom gaskets come in.

How Custom Gaskets Can Improve Performance

1 – Choosing the right material

There are literally hundreds of materials that could potentially be used to create custom gaskets.  They range from commonplace materials such as rubber, cork, or composite fibers, to specialty materials such as Durlon 9000, Viton®, and Silicone.  Each material has different mechanical properties, chemical resistance, temperature ranges, and so forth.

There are many gasket materials that might work for your design, but choosing an optimal material will provide better performance, less maintenance, and a longer active lifespan.  A custom gasket manufacturer can work with you to deliver this optimal performance.

2 – Custom Shapes

Should the needs of your design be dictated by what’s on the market?  A new piece of hardware for the market, or a custom-designed machine, is going to have its own needs.  However, if there isn’t an off-the-shelf gasket that fits those needs, you may be looking at a redesign – unless you choose custom gaskets.  They allow for better designs, without compromises.

3 – Prototypes

Prototypes for testing a custom shape, material, and thickness can easily be evaluated when the gasket manufacturer has the right equipment to provide this valuable service.  Expert Gasket & Seal has, using its combination of Optical Scanner & Flashcut system to provide exacting prototypes without the need for tooling.  Providing Expert Gasket & Seal with a .dxf CAD file, or clean sample part, will assure you receive the correct prototypes for testing.

Expert Gasket & Seal Has Your Sealing Solutions

We have extensive experience creating custom gaskets, with a huge range of materials to choose from.  Our rapid prototyping services allow for rapid R&D as well.  Contact us to consult on your design!

Get to know why Expert Gasket is an Industry Leader for Custom Die Cut Gaskets

With over fifty years’ expertise on staff, Expert Gasket & Seal is one of the industry’s top choices for custom die cut gaskets and other custom-crafted sealing solutions.  We have the capacity to meet the demands of customers both large and small – which means we have a long history of highly satisfied clients behind us.

Read on to learn more about how Expert Gasket & Seal leads in the custom gaskets market.

Four Reasons Companies Choose Expert Gasket for Their Sealing Solutions

1. Everything is kept in-house

One of the biggest risks a company runs when hiring a contractor to create custom gaskets, or other products, is that the contractor will outsource the work.  This adds another variable to QC and oversight, increasing the chance of problems.  Expert Gasket keeps everything in-house, with both the expertise and machinery on-site to personally handle all your gasket needs.

2. Huge stock of materials to choose from

One portion to making a great gasket is selecting the right material for its intended use.  Thanks to our long industry experience, we have an extensive list of partners supplying us with a vast range of raw materials.  This means that when you come to us with a particular sealing problem, we can always find the right gasket material to solve it.

3. Affordable rapid prototyping services

Thanks to our die-less flash cut system, we can create custom gaskets in a matter of minutes straight from a .dxf CAD file.  Our computerized system simply cuts it from a sheet of raw material, and it’s ready for testing.  These prototyping services can save you plenty of money on R&D, allowing you to fine-tune your designs affordably.

4. Need other rubber parts?  Not a problem!

Because our industry connections are deep and qualified, we can go beyond custom die cut gaskets to deliver high-quality rubber parts in just about any configuration.  This allows us to deliver superior value for money, and we’ve become some companies’ one-stop-shop for rubber components as a result.

Leverage Our Expertise and Technology

We handle orders both big and small and have a team of specialistswho love being able to dig into complicated challenges.  For great custom gaskets, rubber parts, and other sealing solutions, contact us at 1-800-956-8766 today.

Know When Custom Rubber Gaskets Are the Best Solution to Your Problem

If your question is “Do I need custom rubber gaskets for this project?” you might be surprised at how often the answer is yes!  Custom rubber gaskets can be extremely cost-effective in a wide variety of circumstances, potentially even in cases where there are off-the-shelf options as well.  The right custom gasket manufacturer can be an excellent partner for your operations, offering improved solutions for the issues you face.

Here are just a few of the situations where custom gaskets would make a lot of sense.

Four Cases Where Ordering Custom Rubber Gaskets Is the Best Option

1 – Using off-the-shelf gaskets would compromise your design

While it’s true that there are thousands of gaskets that can be ordered off the shelf, the current boom in custom manufacturing means that’s not good enough.  In plenty of cases, a new product design calls for a gasket shape or size that simply doesn’t exist.

There’s no reason to change the design, just because it needs an unusual gasket type.  Custom rubber gaskets will be able to get the job done.

2 – Existing gaskets are rare\expensive

A custom gasket manufacturer doesn’t just make new designs.  They can also replicate pretty much anything on the market.  This can be a real boon in situations where other alternatives are expensive or hard-to-find.  In particular, this is an excellent way to “rescue” an older piece of hardware whose original manufacturer went out of business and spare parts have become scarce.  Don’t pay high market prices; just hire a custom gasket company to recreate the parts you need.

3 – You need prototyping services

Not sure what material would be best for your custom gaskets?  With dozens of material options, this is a frequent problem.  A quality gasket manufacturer will have Die-less cutting services and a Scanner that can cut gaskets out of sheet material based on a standard CAD file or your clean sample.  This can allow you to quickly -and affordably- create gaskets out of a number of different materials, to test them out before finalizing your design.

4 – Restock on spare parts

Are you creating a product where the gaskets will be a planned point of failure, and in need of fairly frequent replacement?  A custom gasket manufacturer can ensure you always have a supply of spare parts, no matter whether you want to stock up beforehand or order smaller batches as needed.  They can offer a reliability that many third-party off-the-shelf manufacturers can’t match.

Expert Gasket & Seal Has Your Sealing Needs Covered

We have dozens of custom gasket materials, and expert engineers on-site to advise you on the best options for your needs.  Contact us today for a full consultation on your project.

What You Should Consider Before Ordering Custom Gaskets

For anyone involved in manufacturing, custom gaskets can be a real life-saver.  They can help solve problems with developing new products, supplement hard-to-find OEM components, or even be utilized for rapid prototyping of new ideas.  There are plenty of situations where custom gaskets are the most cost-effective solution to a problem.

However, thought and care still needs to happen when you order them.  A good custom gasket manufacturer will work with you to ensure your needs are met, but it’s still a good idea to do your homework before getting serious with salespeople.

Three Vital Factors to Consider When Ordering Custom Gaskets

1 – Pressure and temperature requirements

This is an important aspect of gasket specifications, something you must know beforehand to properly select the correct gasket material.  There are many varied materials which gaskets can be made from, with different performance thresholds.  Some are even specifically designed for high-pressure or extreme temperature situations and wouldn’t be necessary for more “everyday” usage.

Know your temperature and pressure needs, and your custom gasket manufacturer will be in a much better position to help.

2 – Physical environment and chemical exposure

The other major factor that goes into choosing the material a gasket is made from is the overall physical environment in which that gasket will be operating.  What chemicals will it be exposed to in regular usage?  Will it be sealing against liquids, gases, or both?  It’s vital that your custom gasket manufacturer know these things ahead of time, so they can pick a suitable material.

3 – Finding the right custom gasket manufacturer

There are a lot of businesses in this space, and not all of them are equal.  Some of the most important aspects to look for include:

  • Experience.  The longer the manufacturer has been in business, the better.
  • Material selection.  Again, the more the better.  This is what will allow them to serve the widest possible number of requests.
  • On-site assistance.  For best results, your manufacturer should have experts on-site who can work with you directly on your designs.
  • Prototyping services.  Computer-controlled die-less cutting platforms can create prototypes in a matter of minutes from CAD files or copy clean samples using a scanner.  This is invaluable for refining designs.

Choose Expert Gasket & Seal for Comprehensive Sealing Services

We are one the industry’s most experienced sources for custom gaskets and other custom sealing products.  Contact us today to consult directly with our engineers on your next project!

What Are the Requirements for A Custom Gasket Manufacturer to Create Custom Gaskets?

As a custom gasket manufacturer with a long history of success, we’re here to solve the sealing problems you face.  However, our ability to make the custom gaskets you need relies in large part on your ability to describe those needs.  The more information you give us, the better our engineers can find the perfect solution for the challenges ahead of you.

If you’re thinking about placing an order for custom gaskets or just want to talk about the possibilities custom gaskets have for your products, these are some of the pieces of information we need to know.

The Five Most Important Pieces of Information When Ordering Custom Gaskets

1 – Overall purpose.

What is your gasket actually going to accomplish?  Is it going to be sealing liquids or gases in your application?   Depending on its basic purpose, there are a lot of different choices in materials and construction.

2 – The materials it will be in contact with.

It is critical to know what materials will be contacting the gasket.  Material interactions can potentially compromise a gasket material if not properly selected.Knowing the exact materials involved is an absolute necessity.

3 – Other potential environmental interactions.

What other chemicals or cleaning agents might the gasket be contacting in addition to the media being sealed?  This too affects the choice of materials.

4 – Heat and pressure

Will the gasket be performing in unusually hot or cold environments?  What will its typical operating pressure be?  These are other factors which determines the best material for your custom gaskets.

5 – Size and Shape

Believe it or not, this is one of the least important issues when creating custom gaskets, unless you have truly unusual size requirements.  Our die-less cutting system can handle just about any shape or size based on a CAD file.  So, if your engineers know the necessary dimensions, we can make it happen with just about any non metallic sealing material.

Choose A Custom Gasket Manufacturer with Extensive Experience

We have a long history of great custom designs at Expert Gasket & Seal.  Whatever your needs, contact us for a full consultation and price estimate!

Why Expert Gasket & Seal is an Industry Leader for Custom Die Cut Gaskets

If your product design or existing machinery requires custom die cut gaskets or other custom sealing products, there are a lot of shops out there you could potentially choose. Why choose Expert Gasket & Seal to solve your engineering challenges?

Well, there are plenty of reasons.  Companies across the nation rely on us for their custom gaskets, and they keep coming back.  Here’s why.

Four Reasons Why Businesses Choose Expert Gasket & Seal for Custom Die Cut Gaskets

1 – Genuine experience

We have more than fifty years’ combined experience in crafting great sealing solutions for any situation.  We know our materials’ capabilities and interactions inside and out, allowing us to offer the valuable consultation your engineers need to produce reliable products.  You can’t get that sort of quality from newcomers to the custom gasket fabrication market.

2 – A huge range of available materials

Thanks to our history and extensive industry connections, we have an equally extensive list of partners offering every form of sealing material your project might require – even for esoteric or high-precision products required for difficult and challenging applications.  Our large material selection gives us the edge and allows us to properly keep serving our clients.

3 – Extensive prototyping capabilities

One of our most popular features is our ability to custom-cut gaskets from a wide range of materials, in a matter of minutes, with our FlashCut system.  Based on only a standard CAD .dxf file, and without any need for dies or tooling, we can create all the prototypes or test gaskets you need.  If you are searching for the right sealing solution, we can help you find it at extremely cost-effective prices.

4 – Nearly unlimited rubber products

When working with rubber, our capabilities are almost endless.  Beyond gaskets, we can create virtually any custom molded rubber part your design might call for.  Placing orders for both gaskets and other rubber parts from us can result in substantial cost savings!  In addition, having the same engineers working on them can help ensure quality in your final product design.

Get the High-Quality Custom Die Cut Gaskets You Need from Expert Gasket & Seal

Whether you only need a test run of prototypes, or you’re gearing up for a major rollout, Expert Gasket & Seal has the capacity and the expertise to see your order fulfilled properly and with an emphasis on quality control.  Contact us today to learn more.

Why Custom Rubber Gaskets Are Required in Some Cases

Why seek out the services of a custom gasket manufacturer when there are so many gaskets you can buy off the shelf?

It’s an understandable question, and one we often hear when people approach us about the possibility of buying custom rubber gaskets.  Why pay for custom work?  In fact, custom rubber gaskets can offer substantial value in a wide variety of circumstances – often much more than off the shelf alternatives.

These are just a few such cases where a custom gasket manufacturer really is the best option.

Four Situations Where Custom Rubber Gaskets Make Sense

1 – You’re designing a new product and don’t want to compromise it.

This is one of the most common scenarios we’ve seen:  A company’s engineers have put together a great design that meets all their needs, except for one problem: there aren’t any gaskets commonly available which are exactly what’s called for.  So, they’re faced with the possibility of compromising the design for the sake of making it fit standard parts.

Don’t compromise.  The market demands the best possible products.  Custom gaskets can make it work.

2 – You want more choice in materials.

Often, the material a gasket is made of is at least as impossible as the shape.  After all, there are dozens of types of rubber -natural and synthetic- which could be used, along with all the other potential gasket materials.  A custom gasket manufacturer can recommend the best choices for your application.

3 – You need rapid prototyping services.

Perhaps finding the best gasket isn’t as simple as matching on-paper chemical properties to usage cases.  In that situation, prototyping is the solution.  A good custom gasket manufacturer will have the facilities to crank out prototypes with a variety of materials, allowing you to quickly find the right solution through trial-and-error, and at affordable costs.

4 – You need custom parts for existing machinery.

Whenever a company orders a piece of custom machinery, there’s always the chance that the machinery’s manufacturer will go out of business.  What happens when you need replacement gaskets?  You contact a custom gasket manufacturer.  We can replicate practically any existing gasket and restore your custom machine to proper working order.

Trust the Experts in Custom Gaskets

With more than fifty years’ combined experience in gasket-making, Expert Gasket & Seal can solve your challenges.  Contact us today for consultation or quotes