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What Are Mechanical Seals?

Mechanical seals are seals are typically used on rotating equipment such as pumps, compressors, and mixers. They keep potentially hazardous gas and fluids that are being processed from contaminating the environment. Keeping these materials away from plant personal and vulnerable equipment. devices that form a barrier around moving parts to prevent contamination from the outside, and to keep components within the device from leaking.

Common Types of Mechanical Seals

Cartridge Seals

Single Cartridge Seals are seals that are factory assembled so they avoid any field installation issues. They are preassembled components composed of a gland, sleeve, faces, and springs. All the components are factory pressure tested and have pre-set spring tension. These are basically bolt on seal.utilize two flat surfaces that slide against each other and are held together by a spring. They are pre-constructed and ready to use, which minimizes installation and maintenance.

Double Cartridge Seals are seals similar to single cartridge seals, but use two separate seals positioned next to each other to reduce or eliminate any leakage of fluid from the interior of the device chamber. Double cartridge seals are also ready-made to be used with minimal installation and maintenance effort. These seals maintain the lowest leak rates possible for fugitive emissions, environmental contamination and safety to plant personal.

Component Seals

Single Spring mechanical Seals utilize two separate components that are field assembled. The spring & face rotate together and run against a stationary seat to seal off process fluids. The single spring provides the load or pressure that holds these faces together.

Multiple Spring Mechanical Seals are built in the same way that single spring seals are built with the exception that they utilize multiple springs to ensure uniform distribution of force to keep the seal shut. This helps to reduce leaks and wear and tear on the seal.
Non-Metallic Cartridge Seals are similar to single cartridge seals with the exception that they do not use metallic components. These are often used when the fluids being sealed off would cause corrosion or damage to the mechanical seal.

Related Seals

Bearing Isolator Seals are seals designed specifically to prevent external contaminants from damaging bearings, and to keep bearing lubrication from leaking out of the bearing.

How Are Mechanical Seals Used?

Mechanical seals are typically used on pumps of all different varieties. Pumps typically need to seal off fluid contained within the pump while also allowing motion to be transferred away from the sealed chamber. This usually involves a rotating shaft. The problem is that this opens up potential for fluid to leak where the shaft connects from the exterior of the pump to the interior chamber. Mechanical seals help to prevent these leaks and seal the fluid inside the chamber without hindering the moving components’ motion.

Mechanical seals are used across an enormous range of industries and applications. Any industry that involves moving fluids will likely use pumps that require mechanical seals, and many other industries also regularly use mechanical seals.

Industries that use mechanical seals would include:

  • The Oil Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Utilities and Wastewater Processing
  • And many more

To learn more about our mechanical seal offerings, contact Expert Gasket today at (330) 468-0066!

What is Flashcutting, and how does it help to provide rapid prototypes?

Flashcutting is a technology that allows Expert Gasket to prototype and cut custom designed gaskets and rubber parts within a short time frame. Flash cutting is newer technology that skips the hassle of using tooling and dies, which can take days to weeks to complete.

Expert Gasket & Seal’s die-less Flashcut gasket fabrication utilizes a computer-controlled, high-speed knife cutting system that produces precise, close tolerance parts on non-metallic materials without the need for tooling. Because the machine is computer controlled and does not require custom tooling, this allows for very quick production of prototypes.

What are the Benefits of Flashcutting?

  • Flash cutting requires no tooling to fabricate parts.
  • Prototypes can be created from ready-to-produce .dxf CAD files or scanned to model an existing product into a .dxf file.
  • If changes need to be made, dimensions can be rapidly modified for prototyping from multiple thicknesses and materials.
  • Flashcutting is effective for both short run and long run manufacturing with the system we use.
  • Flashcut manufacturing and prototyping uses less material deflection for rubber and soft materials, resulting in more precise products and tighter tolerances.
  • The Flashcut computer also nests parts much more effectively, which increases material yield and reduces part cost more than manual die cutting.=

The end result is a fast turnaround, nimble prototyping process with the ability to make changes that would not be feasible with the standard tool and die manufacturing process.

For gasket and rubber product production, this means Expert Gasket can provide more precise products to our partners and clients and do it quickly to prevent downtime and bottlenecks.

Materials Used In Flashcut Manufacturing

Our Flashcut machine works with a wide range of materials. The primary constraint is that Flashcut production does not work to cut metals. Some of the materials we cut from include:

  • Rubber
  • PTFE
  • Sponge
  • And many other non-asbestos materials used in gaskets and seals

Prototype Gaskets From Product Samples

Along with our Flashcutting technology, we utilize a high-tech scanning tool that allows us to make scans of current products and build computerized models from those scans. This allows us to replicate existing parts for customers who do not have a CAD file, tooling or drawing.

To learn more about how our Flashcut technology can produce precision parts for your organization, contact Expert Gasket today at (330) 468-0066!

Choosing gaskets: Are FDA gaskets necessary for your business?

Because the Food and Drug Administration oversees the safety of the food processing and pharmaceutical industry, it’s important that FDA gaskets are used in any business in these fields. Not only will this ensure that your company is in line with industry standards and best practices by consistently producing high quality goods, it also ensures that your products are produced safely at your facility and pose no risk to the consumer.

As you can see, there are no downsides for using these products – only benefits! And when you partner with Expert Gasket & Seal, you’ll get affordable FDA gaskets made exactly to order. Because we fabricate our gaskets on-site, we provide small and large quantities in short lead times.

Our regular customers for FDA gaskets include:

  • Food processing businesses
  • The beverage industry – beer, spirits, soft drinks, filtered water and fruit juices
  • The dairy industry
  • Meat packing facilities
  • Pharmaceutical production companies

Our FDA gaskets are all made of materials that are generally regarded as safe (including Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene, PTFE, Durlon 9000, Durlon 9600 and Durlon 9200W), are chemically compatible and can function in temperatures from -50F to 500F.

With over 50 years combined experience in the business and a reputation for exceptional customer service and no-nonsense expertise, you can trust us with your FDA gasket needs.  Contact us in Cleveland, Ohio, today for more information.

How Custom Die Cut Gaskets Can Improve Your Food and Beverage Operations

When you are running an operation processing foods or beverages for human consumption, adherence to regulation, cleanliness, and purity standards is an absolute must.  A food and beverage operation needs to do everything they can to prevent contamination.

It’s easy to account for obvious vectors of contamination, such as unclean floors or workers.  However, sometimes the smallest of sources can be a risk – such as the gaskets in your processing system.  If they aren’t up to the task, contaminants can easily make their way into the system in a way which can be extremely hard to backtrack.

Ordering custom die cut gaskets can be the perfect way to prevent this!  When you work with a reputable custom gasket company, they can ensure your gaskets are entirely safe in numerous ways:

1. Picking the right materials

Different materials used in gaskets will degrade when exposed to different substances and have to be carefully selected to avoid mishap.  Plain rubber, for example, will tend to degrade when in the presence of acidic liquids such as vinegar or many sodas.   An operation experienced in crafting custom die cut gaskets can assure the gasket materials can stand up to expected use.

2. Demonstrably meet regulations

Certain materials are approved for use in food and beverage processing; others aren’t.  A custom gasket company can also guarantee – with documentation – that every material utilized is 100% in compliance with FDA regulations.

3. Guaranteed quality

When constructing equipment, it’s easy to look for areas to cut corners – such as buying cheap off-the-shelf gaskets.  The issue is, you often have no way of knowing where those gaskets were made, or what sort of QC processes were implemented.  Working directly with an experienced custom shop means you will have no doubt about the quality of the products you’re using.

4. Maintaining older equipment?  Custom gaskets are the answer.

Food and beverage processing equipment can theoretically run for decades… but that doesn’t mean their original manufacturers are still around to support them.  Or, official replacement parts may turn out to be prohibitively expensive.  Custom die cut gaskets can be used to replicate any OEM part, while maintaining the regulated quality requirements.

Expert Gasket & Seal has decades of experience creating custom gaskets, and our sealing experts can help you overcome any challenge.  For direct assistance, please contact us for a consultation.

The Four Most Important Factors When Choosing Materials for Your Custom Rubber Gaskets

Custom rubber gaskets can help you solve a wide range of application problems, particularly when you’re designing systems where standard sizes and configurations are not the best solutions.  A quality custom gasket manufacturer will have a variety of compounds from which to choose, combined with a custom size to suit your particular engineering need.

However, they’ll need some crucial information from you to understand your application.  Beyond the basics of the size and shape of the gaskets, they’ll need some more specific data on how the gaskets will be used.

The Four Critical Factors When Choosing Custom Rubber Gasket Material

1. Temperature 

It is important to know the expected temperature range to which the gaskets will be subjected. Some elastomers function better in lower temperatures; some in higher temperatures.

2. Pressure

Pressure is another major consideration when ordering custom rubber gaskets. Your gasket manufacturer will need to know both the minimum and maximum expected pressures the gasket will face.  Some materials are available in a variety of hardnesses to cover different pressures. Tailoring the combination of material and its hardness will help make an effective seal for the system pressure.

3. Atmosphere 

Will the gaskets be called upon to operate in an unusual environment, or be exposed to an atmosphere besides standard air?  Also, will the gasket be exposed to sunlight as part of its normal use?  These are all factors which affect the material used in your custom rubber gaskets.  For example, EPDM has excellent resistance to direct sunlight, while nitrile can break down quickly.

4. Physical Medium

Finally, what will the gasket be physically coming into contact with?  Some materials, such as SBR and EPDM are not petroleum fluid resistant, while Nitrile and Neoprene are. Other materials, such as Viton® are resistant to acids that would degrade EPDM, Silicone, and Nitrile.

Expert Gasket & Seal  

At this point, you should hopefully see just how complicated the selection of gasket materials can be – and that’s why you want an expert custom gasket manufacturer as a partner!  Expert Gasket & Seal has decades of experience crafting custom rubber gaskets from a huge variety of materials and can ensure your gaskets match your application.

Contact us to learn more!

Custom Rubber Gaskets Can Save Your Business Time and Money

One question we frequently hear is “Why should I work with a custom gasket manufacturer when I can just order gaskets online?”  That’s a fair question!  There are untold thousands of gaskets available to be purchased directly from miscellaneous vendors and third-party sites.  (Hint: that’s part of the problem.)

Sometimes,, if you know exactly what you need and there’s a pre-made part that would fit, you can buy off-the-shelf.  However, there are numerous times that ordering custom rubber gaskets is the better option, providing the correct sealing solution – saving you time, money, or both!

Three Ways You Save Time & Money with Custom Rubber Gaskets

1. Get exactly what you need, the first time

Sure, there are thousands of gaskets available online – but can you be certain you’re ordering the right one for your needs?  Even if the particular SKU you’re looking at is the right size, what about the material it’s made from?  Is it the best material for the job?

Working directly with a custom gasket manufacturer eliminates the doubt – by leveraging their expertise, you’re certain to get the right part every time.  Further, this can save plenty of time by eliminating the need to go searching around gasket supply sites.

2. Guaranteed quality

There’s another big issue with ordering off-the-shelf: how do you know what their supply chain looks like?  Are you getting quality parts… or cheap foreign knockoffs?  This can be a particular issue if you’re trying to reduce costs on your gaskets – is it a good deal, or too good to be true?

After all, sealing failures can be incredibly expensive.

When you work with a reputable gasket manufacturer with years of experience, you can be assured you’re getting the right gaskets made from the correct material for your specific application.

3. Get parts which are no longer easily obtained

Sometimes a custom gasket manufacturer can be a true lifesaver when you’re in a situation where you need parts which are hard to get. For example, an older piece of hardware whose OEM is no longer in business. Or any situation where an OEM is over-charging for simple parts due to customer lock-in.

Custom rubber gaskets get around that.  A quality manufacturer can replicate most gaskets old or new, and often for less than the cost of the OEM part.

Expert Gasket & Seal

When you need custom rubber gaskets, Expert Gasket & Seal has extensive experience and high-quality materials.  Contact us for more information.

How to Purchase Custom Die Cut Gaskets – A Complete Guide

There are countless times when a business or manufacturer might be in need of custom gaskets. From solving engineering problems in product development to maintaining an older mission-critical piece of equipment, it pays to partner with a quality custom gasket manufacturer!

You even have multiple options for getting the gaskets you need.  For larger quantities, you can get traditional custom die cut gaskets, stamped from a variety of materials.  On the other hand, there are also die-less Flashcut options, with a computer-controlled system cutting the gasket directly from a sheet of material.  This is perfect for small jobs, rapid prototyping, or longer runs from materials not suitable for die-cutting.

No matter what kind of gaskets you need, here are a few tips to help you find the right custom die cut gaskets for your needs!

Find a quality manufacturer

There are three main things you want in a custom gasket manufacturer: expertise, equipment, and materials.  They should have a long history in the business, a wide variety of gasket materials from which to choose, and a range of modern equipment capable of producing as many different types of gaskets as possible.

Have the details of the job ready

The reason a custom gasket manufacturer needs to have a lot of different materials on-hand is so they can match those materials to the application. The choice of material can vary drastically, depending on factors such as operating temperatures, pressures, and atmosphere (or liquid) contacting the gasket. The more application details you can provide will help with the selection of the correct material for your needs.

Ask about prototyping

Sometimes there may not be a single clear best option for material.  In those cases, prototyping is the best option.  When a custom gasket manufacturer offers flashcut gaskets, they can quickly fabricate several product variations.  This allows you to test and evaluate the gaskets before placing a production order.

Take advantage of their engineering expertise

Gasket manufacturers will always be happy to produce gaskets to your specifications if you have a drawing or CAD files available. However, a quality custom gasket manufacturer will also have a team of experienced sealing specialists on-staff, ready to assist or refine your product.  They can often save you a lot of time by suggesting better materials, or dimensional changes to existing designs.

Expert Gasket & Seal Is Trusted Across the Country

We have over fifty years’ collective experience creating custom die cut gaskets, along with numerous other sealing solutions.  Contact us to discuss your sealing needs!

How Custom Rubber Gaskets Benefit Your Business

Gaskets might not be at the top of any business’s priority list – but when you need them, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle by having a custom gasket manufacturer on-call!

Despite the wide availability of gaskets at retail, there are numerous reasons to partner with a manufacturer who makes custom rubber gaskets instead.  There are many situations where custom gaskets can even be less costly than buying off the shelf – particularly if quality matters to your operations.

Four Times It Makes Sense to Order Custom Rubber Gaskets

1. When you want to ensure the right gasket for the right job

The number of gaskets available on the market can be overwhelming, particularly when you factor in all the different materials from which gaskets can be made.  Doing the necessary research to locate the proper off the shelf part can be difficult and time-consuming.  On the other hand, a custom gasket manufacturer can simply take your list of requirements, and the dimensions for the product, and give you exactly what you need.

2. When OEM parts are too expensive

A lot of OEM parts can be very costly, and it may not be cost effective to have them reproduced. However, when it comes to gaskets, there’s no need to pay OEM prices.  A good custom gasket manufacturer can replicate any OEM part, and potentially even produce a better and more reliable part in the first place!

This is also true if you’re maintaining older hardware, where the OEM has gone out of business or no longer supports the product.  Custom rubber gaskets can be a real lifesaver in these cases.

3. When you need to test multiple solutions

Sometimes, when you’re engineering a new product, the optimal gasket is not always obvious.  That’s the perfect time to call in a custom gasket manufacturer with rapid prototyping capabilities.  They can quickly make a batch of different gaskets, in varying thicknesses and from various materials, so you can test them out in R&D to find the best solution.

Then, of course, your gasket manufacturer can switch over to doing a full run to support your new product.

4. When you want to stock up

Like all operations, custom gasket manufacturers work on economies of scale.  If you can predict a need for gaskets into the future, there’s no reason not to turn that to your advantage!  Contact a manufacturer and set up a large bulk manufacturing batch, so you’ll have spare parts for years to come.

For Quality Gaskets, Turn to Expert Gasket & Seal

We specialize in providing excellent sealing solutions across the country.  Contact us for a consultation.

Complete Projects on Time & Under Budget with Custom Die Cut Gaskets

Product research and development (R&D) timelines keep shrinking, while buyers continue to demand ever-better products.  You don’t have time to wait around for custom parts, while opportunity passes by.  You need a vendor who can supply you with custom die cut gaskets as quickly as possible while assisting with any related engineering issues which might be slowing you down.

That’s exactly why companies across the nation trust Expert Gasket & Seal when they need custom die cut gaskets.  We can deliver orders of any size, large or small while making our expert seal specialists available to help with any issues.

The Right Materials for The Right Applications

Thanks to our long years in business, we have access to a huge range of materials.  Of course, we can work with rubber, silicone, cork, and other common materials- but we also have plenty of more exotic items in stock, ones perfect for more demanding applications.  We can provide PTFE (Teflon), Durlon 9000 filled PTFE, Durlon 9600 expanded PTFE, and much more.

If you need custom gaskets that need to work in extreme temperatures, high pressures, or unusual atmospheric compositions, we can provide the materials that make it possible!

Prototype Gaskets Cut Directly from CAD Files

If you’re in need of experimental prototypes or want to try out different materials, Expert Gasket & Seal should be the first vendor you call.  Our Flashcut die-less production system can cut custom gaskets straight from raw material, based only on CAD files.  It only takes a few minutes per gasket!

This is an excellent option if you need several different gaskets to test against each other.  And, of course, we can do a full production run – of any size – when you decide on the right gasket for your product.

Sealing Expertise On-Demand

While we’re happy to simply create your gaskets to-order, we can also offer significant expertise when it comes to finding material solutions.  Our in-house seal and gasket specialists have worked extensively with all the materials we stock, which allows us to tailor products specifically to the needs of our customers.

If you’re dealing with a tricky problem, or you’ve had other gasket companies tell you that your problem is insurmountable, it probably isn’t!  You just need to contact Expert Gasket & Seal for a consultation.

The Custom Die Cut Gaskets You Need, On Time, And Under Budget

We’re proud of the work we do here at Expert Gasket & Seal.  No job is too big or small, and we’re always glad to take on an interesting new challenge.  When you need custom gaskets, give us a call.

Expert Gasket & Seal Can Be Your Full-Service Custom Gasket Manufacturer

When you’re looking for the perfect sealing solutions for your projects, finding the right custom gasket manufacturer is critical.  You need genuine experts with a long history in the field, capable of understanding your needs, and offering both the designs and materials necessary to meet those needs.

That’s why companies across the country turn to Expert Gasket & Seal when they need custom sealing solutions.

Expert Gasket & Seal has decades of experience as a custom gasket manufacturer, backed up by sealing specialists who can help you solve your problems, and extensive industry contacts that give us the edge in materials.  We are fully capable of helping create the gaskets you need for any application, even products which must function in difficult media, under wide  temperature ranges, or other extreme situations.

Our extensive array of services includes:

Rapid Prototyping:  Along with our traditional die-cutting manufacturing, we also have a state-of-the-art Flashcut system.  This can take a design from a standard CAD file and cut it  straight out of a piece of material, in only minutes.  It’s the perfect solution when you need to try out several prototype gaskets to find the right option for your project.

OEM Part Replacement:  Are you trying to find parts for an older piece of machinery, after the original manufacturer has ceased providing support?  Or do you need an affordable alternative to costly first-party replacement gaskets?  We can replicate virtually many existing gaskets at highly affordable prices.

Extensive Material Selection:  We can create products out of traditional material, such as custom foam gaskets or custom rubber seals, but we also have a wide selection of more exotic materials: Durlon high tech gasket materials, Teflon, Viton®, Silicone, Vegetable Fiber, and much more. With our experience working with these materials, we can match your application with the right material.

Custom Rubber Parts:  When it comes to making products from rubber, and rubber-style materials, we aren’t limited to gaskets and seals.  We can produce virtually any custom rubber part you might need, including molded rubber parts.  Part runs can be as small or large as you need.

FDA-Compliant Solutions:  Are you working with food processing or food equipment which require FDA compliant materials?, ?  We can ensure that the materials used for your sealing solutions are fully FDA-compliant!

In short, Expert Gasket & Seal can provide all your sealing needs.  As a custom gasket manufacturer, we’re second to none, and we’re continually looking to expand our products, services, and expertise. If you’re facing a tough sealing challenge, and other companies say it can’t be done, contact us and let our experts make it happen.