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4 Tips for Finding the Right Die-Cut Supplier

Having the very best die-cut supplier is key to prolonging the lifespan of your equipment and avoiding costly repairs and breakdowns. However, finding a reliable die-cut supplier is often easier said than done. But don’t worry, as one of the industry’s leading custom die-cut gasket manufacturers, Expert Gasket & Seals has some tips for you here.

Below you’ll find all you need to choose the best die-cut supplier.

1. Quality Products

Before deciding upon the right die-cut supplier it’s important you find one that offers a variety of different commercial and industrial products. Suppliers that are first-rate will carry everything from gaskets, mechanical seals, O-rings, and related sealing products.  Additionally, the right custom die-cut gasket purveyor should be able to offer materials like Silicone & Viton® rubber, PTFE, Durlon® gasket sheets, and others.

2. Expertise & Experience

Expertise and experience is key when it comes to vetting potential die-cut suppliers. This is because an experienced company will be able to easily meet your needs and develop customized products that exceed expectations. Choosing a company with all of the necessary tools to get the job done is another important consideration to make.

3. CNC Machining & Die Cutting

Computer-aided, die-cutting machinery is a must for any reliable die-cut gasket manufacturer. The best technology will make production more efficient and your end product more precise. It also means there will be less labor involved, saving you both time and money in the long run.

4. Price & Performance

Price is certainly important, but don’t jump at the first low offer you receive. Often, if it seems too good to be true, it is. Selecting a die-cut supplier that offers a good balance of price and performance will ensure you receive the very best products.

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Expert Gasket & Seal Offering Custom Durlon Products for a Range of Applications

Macedonia, OH-based leaders of effective sealing solutions, Expert Gasket & Seal is now inviting clients to review their custom Durlon fluid sealing products. The company has the capacity to manufacture Durlon gasket products to respond to a variety of service conditions. Their solutions are designed for use in applications such as power generation, petroleum refining, chemical processing, and water purification. Each available product offers exceptional sealability, chemical resistance, and durability.

Within the industrial marketplace, companies want sealing solutions that will give their processes effective, long-term performance. Any problem that leads to system leakage can slow or shut down lines and costs companies thousands of dollars in lost time and productivity. Wise organizations entrust their sealing system providers to those with the requisite marketplace experience. It’s the reason many firms are now choosing custom Durlon sealing systems from Expert Gasket & Seal.

Expert Gasket & Seal offers the full range of Durlon gasket materials. Included within the company selection is Durlon 9000 and Durlon 9600, both enhanced proprietary PTFE products designed for exceptional sealing performance and over a wide range of chemical and FDA applications. Companies might also consider Durlon 8700, which assures exceptional resistance to ozone, oils and non-aromatic solvents utilized within industrial plants. These materials are but a few of the available gasket and seal products offered by Expert Gasket & Seal.

To discover more on the custom Durlon products offered by Expert Gasket & Seal, please contact their offices directly or visit their business website at

Is It Always A Bad Thing If Your Custom Rubber Gaskets Start to Swell?

Generally speaking, custom rubber gaskets in Ohio have one purpose: To create leak proof seals between components in machines.  To do this, the gasket needs to have a predictable size and shape, so that it doesn’t deform to the point it stops making a strong seal.

So, in most cases, it’s going to be a bad thing if the gasket swells in the application.  But is it always a bad thing?  As with most aspects of mechanical engineering, the reality isn’t so simple.

Why Do Custom Rubber Gaskets Swell?

Generally speaking, a rubber gasket will swell when the particular compound is not compliant with the system fluid or media.  This isn’t only true of custom rubber gaskets it can happen with virtually any  rubber based gasket material.

Petroleum products, and other hydrocarbons, have this effect on several compounds, most notably.  EPDM, and SBR.  Nitile, or NBR, is the preferred compound to use with petroleum based fluids.  Viton is also used with some petroleum based fluids containing additives that may harm NBR.  EPDM and SBR are typically used in hot water and steam applications that will adversely affect NBR.

When a gasket swells the sealing capability is threatened.   Depending on the amount of swell, and the strength of the gasket material, it could also cause parts to go out of alignment or cause other physical damage to the machine.  Additionally, too much swelling and shrinking will tend to cause damage to the gaskets themselves, reducing their lifespan and increasing their likelihood of failing entirely.

But can this tendency to swell be harnessed for useful purposes?  Yes!

Swelling Custom Rubber Gaskets Can Be Deliberate

While gasket swelling is usually something to avoid, there are situations where expert gasket engineers can make it work to their advantage.  In particular, there can be situations where gaskets are being called to seal unusual shapes or need to seal around objects.

For example, there may be cases where bolts or flanges are too small/weak to seal effectively on their own.  In these cases, having a gasket deliberately engineered to swell will seal any small gaps left in the machinery.   Using a deliberate swell is not common practice, and doing so should be discussed with a gasket expert before doing so.

This is why having experienced Ohio custom rubber gasket engineers on your side can be so useful. Experts can leverage the material properties of various gaskets for enhanced effects that solve real engineering challenges.  Contact Expert Gasket & Seal to consult on your own challenges!

Why Custom Gaskets Are the Right Choice for Solving Engineering Challenges

Gaskets may be small, but they’re a critical part of so many engineering projects, industrial machinery, and consumer products.  The right gasket can greatly extend a machine’s lifespan while offering the best performance; the wrong gasket can shorten that life or even lead to catastrophic failure.

Whenever looking at gasket options, it’s easy to turn to the many off-the-shelf products available – but are any of them truly the best fit for your needs?  Much of the time, the best option is to go with custom gaskets from a manufacturer you trust.  From cost to performance, it’s the right call all around.

Three Reasons Custom Gaskets Are the Best Fit For Your Project

1. No compromises

If you’re buying off-the-shelf gaskets, that means you’re locked into whatever shapes, sizes, and materials are available.  What if they aren’t quite right for your build?  Suddenly you’re having to redesign the product or machine around the gaskets – and that seems backwards.  Not to mention potentially compromising the product itself.

Custom gasket manufacturers can ensure your gaskets are the exact right fit for your needs, in every sense.

2. Get expert advice on materials

In many ways, the shape of your gaskets is less important than the material from which they’re made.  There are dozens of materials from which a gasket can be fabricated and every material has different physical properties.  Some only work well in certain temperatures; others react badly when exposed to certain chemicals or atmospheres.

A custom gasket manufacturer has experts on staff who can examine your project, understand what the gasket needs to do, and select the perfect material for the job.

3. Replace expensive OEM parts for less

Do you have machinery in your shop which was built using gaskets that only the manufacturer provides?  This lock-in can get expensive since exclusive OEM parts tend to cost more.  The problem gets worse if the OEM ever goes out of business.  The price of spares could skyrocket.

Custom gasket manufacturers can easily recreate most gaskets and seals in your operation – and usually at a much lower cost!  Stock up on spares so that replacing a gasket is never an issue.

Expert Gasket & Seal Can Solve Your Engineering Problems

Expert Gasket & Seal has decades of experience providing custom gaskets to customers across the US.  From rapid-prototyping tests to full-scale production runs, we have the skills, the tools, and the expertise to see your project done right.

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Does Your Application Call For a Viton® Gasket?

When you have demanding applications in need of specialty seals, it’s a good idea to turn to an Ohio custom gasket manufacturer for expert advice. A well-established custom gasket shop will have a huge range of materials available, like Viton® gaskets, and can consult on which will be best for your application.

Viton® – the Chemours brand name for a synthetic rubber called FKM – is one of the most unique and resilient materials from which gaskets can be made, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for every application.  Let’s take a look at which situations call for it.

When Do Your Custom Gaskets Need To Be Made From Viton®?

What makes Viton® unique is its ability to seal a great variety of fluids and do so within a wide temperature range greater than what typical rubber seals can achieve.

Viton® has a higher density than common elastomers such as Neoprene and Nitrile.  The increased density allows Viton to outperform those materials in vacuum applications.

Gaskets made from Viton® have a number of unique properties, including:

  • Continuous heat resistance up to 450°F with excursions to 500°F
  • Cold resistance without cracking, down to -20°F.
  • Superior resistance to petroleum based fluids, strong acids, and solvents that would compromise other organic rubber materials.

Viton® seals are used extensively in aerospace, chemical, and other demanding industries since their chemical properties make them an excellent choice for critical applications.

Please know when you purchase Viton® gaskets & seals from Expert Gasket & Seal, you will be receiving genuine Chemours Viton® – not a generic equivalent.  Don’t be swayed by “bargain “ FKMs for critical and safety sensitive applications.

If you have a difficult engineering job and are working on a project that needs high-performance gaskets, Expert Gasket & Seal can help!  Contact us to consult with a top-quality Ohio custom gasket manufacturer.

When is it Better to Use Custom Gaskets & Why?

Depending on your needs and applications, there may be times when it’s better to purchase custom gaskets rather than relying on traditional ones. However, unless you’re an expert like the team from Expert Gasket, determining precisely when can often be difficult, which is why we’re here to help.

Below, our Ohio custom gasket manufacturer team has put together some of the scenarios where purchasing custom gaskets will make a difference, as well as why it can be so important sometimes to get the right gasket for the job.

Different Types of Custom Gaskets

There are two main types of gaskets.  Gaskets for pressurized systems most typically are those used in piping.   These can be made from a number of different materials depending on the needs of the application.  Gaskets for non-pressurized systems include door seals, electrical enclosure seals, and other similar products.  These gaskets are more commonly made from softer materials such as foams or sponges.

Custom Gasket Materials

Again, the type of custom gasket material you’ll require will depend upon the specific application that you’re using it for. However, when choosing a custom gasket manufacturer, it’s always best to go with one that offers a wide variety of materials to choose from, such as metal, soft plastics such as PTFE,  and rubber such as Neoprene, Silicone,  and Viton FKM.  Some applications may require a compressed gasket material, such as Durlon 8500 and Durlon 8400.  Chemical and food applications may require a PTFE based material such as Durlon 9000 or Durlon 9600.   Don’t be afraid to ask for samples and be sure you know exactly what specifications you need, because any mistake on your part could wind up being costly since custom gaskets are made to order.

Let us be your Ohio custom gasket manufacturers!

If you’re still unsure of precisely what type of gasket or material will best suit your applications, our team of experts is always available to lend a hand. To learn more about custom gaskets or place an order, contact us online for a quote today or call (330) 468-0066 or toll-free at 1 (800) 956-8766.

Choosing the Best Rubber Gasket Materials for Your Needs

When it comes to rubber gaskets, the right materials can certainly go a long way. This is because if your gaskets are going to be exposed to the elements or installed in applications where they’ll receive high-stress, they need to be up to the job. That’s why the team from Expert Gasket has collected some important facts for you here. As one of Ohio’s leading custom rubber gasket manufacturers, we wanted to share some of our years of insight with you.

Here are some things to consider that will help you choose the very best rubber gasket materials.

4 Materials that Stand Up to the Elements

  • Silicone: As one of the most versatile materials, Silicone boasts properties that are highly elastomeric, meaning they function well in both high and low temperatures. Additionally, it’s oxygen-resistant, as well as resistant to other things that can cause damage such as ozone, UV rays, inclement weather conditions, and more extreme temperatures.
  • Polyurethane:  While polyurethane is a plastic, it’s physical characteristics mimics rubber. When compared to many rubber materials, polyurethane outperforms in conditions requiring excellent abrasion resistance. It can also operate in temperatures as low as -22°F and as high as 230°F and offers great ozone resistance.
  • Viton®: This synthetic rubber, a fluorocarbon (FKM)  is most well-known for its chemical and high temperature resistance.  It is also designed to perform well in extreme chemical applications, as well as with synthetic oil, fuels, and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Rubber: EPDM rubber is used mostly in hot water and steam applications.  It also is chosen for applications with glycol based brake fluids and some organic acids and alkalis.  EPDM has excellent ozone, aging and weather resistance.

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Want to make certain that your seals and gaskets never fail? Contact the team from Expert Gasket today online or call (330) 468-0066 or 1 (800) 956-8766. In addition to our custom gaskets, we also carry a wide range of mechanical seals, hydraulic seals, and more.

3 Benefits of Custom Die Cut & Flashcut Gaskets

If you frequently use gaskets as connectors, or for your seals and other applications, it’s important to invest in the right ones. As you most likely know: no two manufacturing styles are alike, so how do you determine whether a particular gasket is the right one for you? Well, the team of experts from Expert Gasket & Seal is here to help by illustrating some of the greatest advantages of investing in custom die cut gaskets.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to convince you that our custom die cut gaskets are able to outperform the competition.

1. Supply Chain Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of investing in custom die cut gaskets is that you’ll always be able to find them; there’s no need to worry about a manufacturer running out. This is because since they’re made on a custom basis, you can choose from a range of different companies like the team from Expert Gasket & Seal. Many die cutters will offer a wide range of solutions, enabling you to design a gasket that’s ideal for your applications and one-of-a-kind, something you simply can’t get with traditional manufacturers.

2. Lower Costs

You might not think at first glance that custom die cut gaskets will be the cheaper alternative, but they are indeed. This is because the majority of custom die cut gaskets are produced using steel-rule dies on flatbed or rotary equipment.  Complimenting that process is Expert Gasket & Seal’s Flashcut fabrication which does not require tooling and uses a .dxf file to create and manufacture custom gaskets.  This process is ideal for smaller batch orders.

3. Design Changes without the Expense

For those who are creating prototypes and tweaking the parameters of a particular product, Flashcut gaskets are a great option when it comes to keeping costs down.

Let us be your custom die cut gasket provider!

Are you in need of affordable, high-quality die cut or Flashcut gaskets? If so, the team from Expert Gasket & Seal would love to hear from you. In addition to our die-cutting services, we also specialize in mechanical seal sales, FDA gasket and connector sales, and more.

For additional information or to speak to a qualified sales representative, contact us online today or call (330) 468-0066; or toll-free at 1 (800) 956-8766.

Four Critical Aspects of Choosing the Perfect Custom Gasket for Your Needs

Manufacturers across Ohio, and the United States, know the value of partnering with an experienced custom gasket manufacturer.  Custom gaskets are an excellent solution for a range of problems, from difficulties in developing new products to maintaining older machinery when spare parts are difficult to find.

Your Ohio custom gasket manufacturer will do their best to understand your needs, and work with you to find the right gasket solution – but it helps if you go into the process prepared.  These are the factors to focus on when choosing between potential gaskets.

Critical Elements When Choosing Custom Gaskets

1. The basic specifications

First, of course, a company needs to know the basics of their order.  What will the gasket be sealing, and what are the mechanical details of the application? These, and other considerations need to be addressed before choosing an appropriate material.

2. Resistance requirements

What will be the maximum and minimum temperatures the gasket will have to operate under?  What sort of pressure will it be asked to withstand?  Are there any foreseeable usage cases that will go beyond the “on paper” resistance specifications?  These are all critical pieces of information.

3. Choosing a material

Anyone can carve out a piece of rubber using a CAD file.  True success when manufacturing custom gaskets comes from choosing the right material for the job.  This is why it’s best to know as much about the gasket’s predicted performance as possible.  Every potential gasket material – and there are dozens – has different physical properties.  The best manufacturers know how to pair material to purpose.

4. Testing

Finally, custom gaskets should be thoroughly tested prior to finalizing the order. Fluid compatibility and application testing should be performed to determine if the gasket is truly ready to be deployed in live machinery or sold to customers.

Expert Gasket & Seal Is Your Experienced Ohio Custom Gasket Manufacturer Companies from across the state, and across the nation, rely on us for gasket orders large and small.  From one-off prototyping to major production runs, we have the tools and experience to fulfill your needs.  Click here to consult with our experts

Why Partner with A Custom Gaskets Manufacturer?

People rarely think about gaskets, at least not until something is leaking.  Perhaps your engineers are struggling to put together a product capable of accomplishing its intended tasks, due to challenging environmental elements.  Perhaps you rely on older machinery, where finding replacement gaskets is difficult.  Perhaps you simply want to stock up on spares in bulk, to save money.

There are numerous ways that a custom gaskets manufacturer can be a valuable partner – and much more helpful than trying to buy gaskets off the shelf!

Why Custom Gaskets Are Better Than Off the Shelf Products

1. No compromises in product design

There are thousands of “stock” gaskets in the world, but the potential combinations of size and material are genuinely endless.  If you rely entirely on stock gaskets, that means your product has to be designed around the gaskets – and that means compromises.  On the other hand, a custom gasket can be created specifically for your needs.

2. Avoid costly replacement parts

Too many hardware manufacturers try to lock you into relying on them for spares, then overcharge for basic products.  You can avoid that with a custom gasket manufacturer.  It’s entirely possible to replicate any product on the market, usually for less than the OEM price, and often with better quality!

3. Replace irreplaceable parts

Another benefit of working with custom gasket manufacturers is the ability to obtain replacement gaskets when official parts simply are not available.  A lot of industrial and machine shops still rely on older hardware, whose original manufacturer is long out of business.  If a gasket fails, replacements may be impossible to find – but they can always be custom-made!

4. Create better products

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of materials and material blends that can be utilized in creating gaskets.  Cork, rubber, or silicone are fine – but they aren’t always the optimal solution to your use-case challenges.  A custom gasket manufacturer can utilize more exotic materials, like Durlon 9000, to help improve sealing and system longevity.

5. Stock up

Buying custom gaskets in bulk is cheap and easy, particularly compared to small-batch jobs.  If you foresee a need for replacement gaskets stretching ahead into the future, why not go ahead and order them now to keep long-term costs down?

Expert Gasket & Seal Can Help

Expert Gasket & Seal are your custom gasket experts!  Contact us to consult with our engineers.