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Why You Need Die-Less Gasket Cutting from Your Custom Gasket Manufacturer

When you’re trying to bring a new product to market, delay is the last thing you want. With so many companies all trying to innovate and catch the public’s attention, those who can hit market first are most likely to succeed. Anyone who follows can potentially be seen as an also-ran.

The issue, of course, is that at the same time, customers demand high-quality products that have been well-tested. This means any R&D and prototyping project must walk a tightrope between speed and quality. The gold standard is being able to increase both at once. When you work with a custom gasket manufacturer capable of making a wide variety of rubber and non-metallic parts quickly and efficiently, using a die-less cutting system, that’s exactly what you get.

Here at Expert Gasket & Seal, one of the centerpieces of our work is our Flashcut system, which allows you to take your designs to market faster than ever before with custom rubber gasket and parts.

Four Advantages of The Flashcut Die-Less Custom Gasket Cutter

1. Simple setup

The Flashcut system cuts gaskets or other rubber and non-metallic parts from sheet materials. There’s no need to create dies, molds, custom cutters, or any type of tooling. It simply takes designs straight from standard .dxf CAD files and makes them a reality.

2. Numerous material choices

Flashcut can work with many common materials including rubber, Teflon, sponges, soft plastics, compressed gasket sheets, and more. Whatever material best suits the needs of your product is available and can be worked with easily.

3. Rapid prototyping

If you know you need a certain custom gasket or rubber-like part, but need testing to determine which material is best for your needs, Flashcut can handle it. Materials can be swapped out quickly, or CAD files adjusted, to make many prototype parts in a single day if necessary.

4. High precision

Because it’s computer controlled, Flashcut can achieve RMA class 1 or better tolerances, even when working with difficult materials such as sponge. Further, unlike traditional dies and molds, Flashcut-created products have perfectly straight edges – there’s no “hour glassing” or other deformation associated with molded rubber or plastic.

Expert Gasket & Seal Has Decades of Experience as a Custom Gasket Manufacturer

Expert Gasket & Seal has decades of experience producing the custom gasket parts your next project needs to succeed. Contact us today for a full consultation on making your product a reality.

Why Choose Expert Gasket & Seal to Produce Your Custom Rubber Gaskets?

With so many suppliers of custom gaskets to choose from, why work with Expert Gasket & Seal?

It’s a fair question, particularly in these hyper-competitive times when so many competitors are offering cut rates online. Expert Gasket & Seal offers a wide variety of leading custom gasket solutions, as well as having a level of expertise that’s truly second to none.

What Makes Expert Gasket & Seal Different Among Vendors Of Custom Rubber Gaskets

Unparalleled Experience

With over fifty years’ combined experience, Expert Gasket & Seal has always been laser-focused on ONE thing: providing the best in gasket and other sealing products. Gaskets aren’t a sideline for us. They are our business. We specialize specifically so that we can deliver the best possible results in sealing solutions, every time.

A Hands-On Approach

We aren’t a “what you see is what you get” company simply selling off-the-shelf products in bulk. We are sealing specialists who work with you to find – or develop – the perfect gaskets to meet the needs of your project. We love a challenge!

Rapid Prototyping and Development

Thanks to our revolutionary FlashCut system, we can develop, prototype, or mass-produce custom gaskets in an extremely short amount of time. This computerized system can take designs straight from a standard CAD file and cut them from almost any rubber material, including Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone, Viton® and others. It’s one of ways we’re able to so effectively develop custom rubber gaskets for our clients time after time.Plus, beyond gaskets, we can custom-make practically any shape from a variety of rubber compounds you can dream up. If your product requires a specialized shape with different features, we can make it happen!

Extensive Industry Partners

Thanks to our long history, we’ve cultivated contacts with many of the most important names in sealing materials and products. This allows us to offer a huge range of possibilities in raw material. Our partners include:

  • American Biltrite
  • Apex Sealing
  • Chemstar
  • Diversified Silicone
  • Fibreflex Packing
  • Tri-Tec
  • Kuriyama
  • Durlon Products

This means we’re also able to work effectively in “niche” fields such as medical, food preparation, mil-spec, or aerospace. We have access to materials for practically any job.

Get the Best in Custom Gaskets From Expert Gasket & Seal

No other custom rubber gasket company offers the same range of services, products, and hands-on support as Expert Gasket & Seal. Contact us today to learn more!

Expert Custom Gasket Manufacturing for FDA-Approved Applications

Producing custom parts for the food and drug industries is a particular challenge, due to the much more stringent safety standards placed on anything which might come into contact with materials intended for human consumption. Not every custom gasket facility possesses the materials, tools, and techniques necessary to produce FDA-ready parts.

However, Expert Gasket & Seal specializes in exactly these situations. Our years of experience with these particular applications gives you the confidence and security your custom gaskets and seals meet or exceed FDA requirements.

We offer products with…

A Wide Range of Materials

FDA-approved custom gaskets and parts must be created from materials which are resistant to microbial life and will not contaminate the foods and drugs which may come into contact with them.  Materials such as Silicone rubber, Viton Rubber, Virgin Teflon, and Durlon 9000 and 9600  are preferred.

We will work with you to determine your specific needs and which materials will best fill the intended role, while meeting the necessary FDA or NSF requirements.

Chemical Compatibility

FDA-ready custom parts also must be certified as non-reactive with any chemicals being used in the production of foods and pharmaceuticals. We can ensure you receive materials which are completely safe for your applications.

Wide Thermal Stability

FDA-compliant custom gaskets must be able to withstand significant variations in temperature and pressure without decaying or contributing any foreign materials to the foods or drugs being produced. The custom rubber gaskets we provide are rated from sub-zero conditions to temperatures of 500F, while maintaining absolute stability.

Custom Rubber Gaskets Created Quickly

If you are running on custom-built machinery, there may not be off-the-shelf gaskets suitable for your applications. This is where Expert Gasket can truly shine. Our die-less flashcut system allows gaskets and other parts to be cut directly from a sheet of raw materials via a computer system that works from traditional CAD files. The creation of a custom or prototype gasket only takes minutes once the CAD file is supplied, allowing for rapid prototyping or exploration of options in materials to use.

Please use our expertise to help bring your new assembly or manufacturing processes to life. We love a good challenge, and helping our customers attain full FDA gasket and seal compliance is often exactly that.

From single-part orders to design and application consultations, contact Expert Gasket & Seal to make it happen.

Five Reasons to Choose Expert Gasket & Seal for Your Custom Die Cut Gaskets

When we say that Expert Gasket & Seal is one of the top choices in the nation for custom die cut gaskets, we have the experience and results to back it up. We’ve worked long and hard to put Expert Gasket on the map, and establish ourselves as one of the leading providers of custom gaskets you’re likely to find.

Simply put, you would have a hard time finding the same combination of experience and service anywhere else in America.

Five Reasons to Trust Expert Gasket & Seal

1. True Expertise

We are not newcomers to the custom gasket industry. We have more than fifty years’ experience helping manufacturers large and small find the exact custom die cut gaskets to meet their needs. Further, this isn’t a sideline for us. Our business is custom gaskets. That’s our primary product, and we’re out to do it better than anyone else.

2. Extensive Industry Connections

During our many years in business, we’ve built an extensive network of suppliers and support services to help us help you. We have a vast range of materials and qualified manufacturers to choose from, which in turn ensures you always have plenty of options in choosing the correct gaskets. From Neoprene rubber, to Teflon, to a variety of compressed gasket materials, we are ready to supply the best product for your application.

3. Extensive In-House Service Offerings

Another benefit of our fifty-year history is that we’ve had time to acquire a huge range of equipment and expertise. We can fulfill almost any order in-house, without outsourcing it. This lowers your costs by cutting out middlemen, as well as helping guarantee quality in all products we sell.

4. Rapid Prototyping

Our flagship feature is our ability to manufacture prototypes in record time, thanks to our Flashcut computer-operated system. This system can create Contact us today to learn more!

With the Flashcut System, You Get Custom Rubber Gaskets Faster and Better

It’s no secret how Expert Gasket & Seal can create custom rubber gaskets so quickly and easily:  We Flashcut it.

Our Flashcut system is one of the cornerstones of our business. With it, we can produce custom rubber gaskets more quickly, at lower cost, and with higher levels of precision than any other gasket shop in the Midwest. When combined with the fifty years’ experience we have creating custom solutions for a vast number of businesses and industrial purposes, it’s a compelling offer for our customers.

What Is the Flashcut System?

The Flashcut system is a fully computer-operated cutting system featuring a modular, independently-moving head which can be outfitted with a wide variety of cutting tools. It runs off standard CAD files for perfect cutting every time. Tolerances meet or beat RMA Class 1, which means less than a millimeter’s variation in sizes depending on the chosen material.

The Flashcut machine also has several distinct advantages over traditional die-cutting. The most obvious advantage is how simple it is to reconfigure the system – there’s no need to tool new dies for each new design. Also, it delivers cuts which are straight, without the “hour glassing” common to die-cutting. So, there’s no need for additional rework or trimming to finish each custom rubber gasket.

This creates great opportunities for you and the parts you need:

  • You can submit your own CAD files, or have our experts’ custom-design solutions for you.
  • Rapid prototyping becomes simple. All it takes is a new CAD file, allowing for plenty of experiments.
  • You can try out many different materials. Flashcut accepts many types of rubber as well as softer or spongier materials, up to .500” in thickness.
  • The machine is fully capable of producing extremely large, industrial-scale gaskets and other parts which more traditional assembly line style setups couldn’t handle.
  • It’s the most cost-efficient option for situations where you need a small run of parts, because there’s so little setup and no tooling required.

Thanks to Flashcut, we’ve been able to greatly expand our range of services, while being able to offer rapid parts creation needed for companies trying to quickly introduce a new product.

Trust Expert Gasket & Seal with Your Next Custom Rubber Gaskets

Few shops offer the same level of expertise, high technology, and sheer experience as Expert Gasket & Seal.  Contact us today for a full consultation on your next project.

No Matter Your Custom Need, Expert Gasket & Seal Can Meet It

With more than a combined 50+ years of sealing knowledge, Expert Gasket & Seal has been serving customers in Ohio, and across the United States, with superior service and craftsmanship. Our custom gaskets are well-known in many industries, and we have an ever-growing list of businesses who trust us with jobs both big and small.

Much of that is due to our significant expertise and the wide variety of projects we’re capable of handling. No matter your needs, we can meet them.

The Many Sealing Types Available from Expert Gasket & Seal

  • Durlon Gaskets: Durlon is well-known with one of the top product lines for industrial sealing under extreme conditions, such as chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining, and power generation. From high temperature capability to aggressive chemical resistance, Durlon custom gaskets can handle it.
  • FDA-Compliant Gaskets: The food and pharmaceutical industries are held to particularly tight standards, and Expert Gasket & Seal can meet or exceed those standards using a wide variety of FDA compliant gasket materials.
  • Siftex Flexible Connectors: Searching for a material transport solution that remains flexible without contaminating the materials inside? Siftex offers materials from gum rubber to polyester products that fit your needs.
  • Teflon Products:  Few materials on the market boast the same level of hydrophobia as Teflon, making it an excellent option when fluid-tight seals are mandatory. We offer both pure Teflon gaskets, as well as Durlon specialty PTFE products like Durlon 9000 and Durlon 9600.
  • Braided Packing Seals: When you need the strength, flexibility, and versatility of braided materials, Expert Gasket & Seal can provide. For pumps and valves, our braided options span many material types and usage scenarios.
  • Mechanical Seals: We don’t solely work in rubber and synthetics. We also provide state of the art Advanced Sealing International mechanical cartridge seals.

We also offer rapid prototyping services, courtesy of our Flashcut computer-cutting system. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality.

Choose the Custom Gaskets Manufacturer the Nation Trusts

A company doesn’t remain in the custom manufacturing industry for long without offering distinct advantages over the competition. With Expert Gasket & Seal, you benefit from our decades of experience, vast industry connections, and top-of-the-line production facilities.

Whether you already have a gasket design in-hand, or you need a custom solution engineered from scratch, contact Expert Gasket & Seal today to make your next project a reality.

Expert Gasket & Seal Presents Three Questions to Ask in Selecting a Custom Gaskets Manufacturer

By integrating custom gaskets within their systems, industrial organizations can ensure their plants are protected against leaks and potential safety problems. Choosing the right gasket for a particular application requires comprehensive knowledge of gasket materials, performance, and safety risks, so it’s imperative that firms select the best available custom gaskets manufacturer for their requirements. In this latest article, the team at Expert Gasket & Seal present three questions to ask when selecting a custom gaskets manufacturer.

1. What is Your Experience in the Industry?

It’s critical that the custom gaskets manufacturer has extensive experience within the marketplace. This experience will have helped the organization and its team learn about the various gasket materials and to refine their products based on data from within the industry. The company should also have experience serving diverse marketplaces within their manufacturing work. This will help ensure that they have the creativity and problem-solving skills required to find the right solution for the client’s project.

2. What Timeframe can we Expect?

Oftentimes, companies that require a gasket product are working within a strict timeframe. They must ensure the manufacturer with whom they are working understands their need for timely service and delivery. The company should be able to provide a firm delivery date for their gasket product. The overall time required to receive the correct product may include several phases. For example, the initial phase could involve building a prototype to determine the optimal design. Once a design is approved, there will be time required to fabricate the gaskets, and ship the final product. By gaining all timing details directly from the manufacturer, companies can ensure the right specialist is chosen for their gasket requirements.

3. What is Your Post Sales Process?

In working with a custom gaskets manufacturer, it’s critical to ensure they offer a comprehensive post sales process. The specialist should be available to determine whether the product is performing to optimal capacity within the application. They should also be able to offer guidance or additional products if the gasket isn’t meeting the expected manufacturing requirements due to new, or previously unknown changes in the sealing process. Wise companies will build a long-term relationship with their gasket supplier, providing access to knowledgeable sealing guidance for the future.

A company’s choice of custom gaskets manufacturer can have a significant impact on their operations in the future. To learn more on the selection process, call the team at Expert Gasket & Seal today at (800) 956-8766 or visit their business website at

Manufacturer of Custom Gaskets Expert Gasket & Seal Highlights the Factors to Consider When Selecting Sealing Products

Selecting seals is a critical activity for plant operators. They need to choose a sealing solution that will ensure optimal productivity within their applications. Each sealing product selected must be designed to fit seamlessly within their operations. But few managers have the time to complete the comprehensive research required to ensure the right choice. In this latest article, the team at custom gaskets manufacturer Expert Gasket & Seal highlight the important factors to consider when selecting sealing products.
The operating temperature of an application is an important factor to consider when selecting a gasket material. It’s critical that the gasket material chosen is designed to withstand both the operating temperature and the environmental temperatures encountered in the application. For example, Silicone-based gaskets withstand operating temperatures between -140F and 480F, and remain flexible within that range.

Chemical Resistance

Understanding chemical resistance is paramount for selecting the proper gasket material.  Rubber materials cover a wide range of media compatibility, but selecting the correct compound for an application must be done in conjunction with the operating temperature, system pressure or vacuum, and other related factors.  Some rubber compounds, such as Viton®, will resist strong acids while functioning in temperatures to 450F.

Pressure Levels

Pressure and vacuum levels within the application are also of vital importance when considering material options. The design of the hardware as related to pressure or vacuum should be evaluated when choosing a gasket material.  Sudden changes in system pressure or vacuum can affect a seal, and companies must ensure they work with their custom gaskets manufacturer to select a durable sealing material designed to withstand these constant changes.

Comprehensive Testing

The testing process is of the utmost importance when determining the best gasket product for a specific application. Wise companies should thoroughly test and evaluate gasket materials within the environmental conditions present in their facility. They must then document the results carefully to ensure that each product’s qualities are understood and considered. Testing within their facility will allow the company to ensure that the product performs optimally once it has been installed. This commitment to testing can also help reduce safety concerns and highlight any potential integration challenges that might not have been fully understood when reviewing the materials.

As a leading custom gaskets manufacturer, Expert Gasket & Seal has the experience and the in-house knowledge to help clients integrate the ideal sealing product for their applications. To discover more on the company and their services, contact their office team today at (800) 956-8766 or visit their business website at

Achieve Fast Turnaround on Custom Gasket Products from Expert Gasket & Seal

Macedonia, OH-based experts for sealing systems, Expert Gasket & Seal are now inviting clients from across the region to review their custom gasket services. The company can manufacture custom gaskets according to the client’s specifications within industry-leading turnaround times. This means that clients can reduce downtime and have leak-free sealing systems that provide long term process performance.

Within industries such as the petroleum field and power generation, companies require custom gasket products built to tight tolerances and for specific chemical compatibility parameters. Without this type of purpose-built custom gasket, their systems might suffer leaks, leading to costly repairs and long-term system downtime. To improve performance and reduce maintenance needs, industrial firms now depend upon custom gasket products from the specialists at Expert Gasket & Seal. The Expert Gasket & Seal team is now able to deliver small and large quantities of custom gaskets within an industry-leading turnaround schedule.

The benefit of utilizing the services offered by Expert Gasket & Seal is that the company utilizes state of the art gasket fabricating equipment. This means they can create short or long runs of expertly designed gaskets in a fast timeframe. Expert Gasket & Seal coordinates their work directly with their customers so they remain informed on project progress. Their detail to a project and excellent communication helps firms reduce costs and make the purchase of custom gaskets easy.

To learn more about the benefits of working with Expert Gasket & Seal, please contact their office team directly at (800) 956-8766 or visit their business website via

Where to start and stop looking for custom gaskets in Ohio

If you are looking for high quality custom gaskets, look no further than Expert Gasket & Seal. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, they are experts in the field and always provide excellent customer service. When contacted, you’ll be speaking directly to one of the owners – so you can rely on the fact all gasket related questions will be accurately answered in a straightforward manner by people with years of experience in this industry.

When you partner with Expert Gasket & Seal, finding the right custom gaskets at the most competitive prices has never been easier. We have a comprehensive selection of sheet products in stock, all of which are available to make custom gaskets in a variety of thicknesses. If we don’t have what you need, we will gladly obtain it for you. We are very flexible and accommodating when it comes to meeting yours and your customer’s needs. We can deliver small to large volumes in a short time frame and are very reliable and committed to meeting clients’ time requirements. Here, promises made are promises kept, and every gasket related problem is addressed by expert problem solvers.

Many of our custom gaskets are made from FDA/NSF approved materials, so it comes as no surprise that many of our products are being used in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage processing industries. We take no shortcuts and adhere to every quality and safety standard that concerns this type of production. So, no matter what your gasket requirements are, you can be sure you’ll always be getting the best by partnering  with Expert Gasket & Seal.

But don’t take our word for it: ask around and you’ll soon discover that a lot of companies and individuals will gladly confirm all the claims made here. The fact remains that, when it comes to custom gaskets, Expert Gasket & Seal is the proven source.  Contact us today for more information.